Project AWARE

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    - logo created by Independence High School Unitown Club

    Be AWARE, we are all in this together!
    - slogan created by Glendale High School Student Council

    Glendale Union High School District continues to increase awareness and prevention of mental health issues and make ways to develop healthy practices to support students in school.

    We are proud to announce that GUHSD is one of three Arizona school districts to receive a five-year grant to address mental health awareness. The grant, titled Project AWARE, is designed to:

    1. Build and support a sustainable infrastructure for a comprehensive school mental health system with established pathways to community-based support and services for school-aged youth and their families;
    2. Create sustainable engagement strategies with students, families, and community partners to promote mental health, wellbeing, and resilience by increasing community/student involvement in policy development and decision making; and
    3. Increase knowledge, skill, and ability of school staff, families, and the community to identify, respond to, and support students experiencing mental health and wellness needs.

Mental Health Agencies

  • Spectrum Healthcare Group

  • Horizon Health and Wellness

  • Jewish Family & Children's Services

  • LaFrontera/EMPACT

  • Open Hearts Family Wellness

  • Southwest Behavioral Health Services

  • Valle Del Sol

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