GUHSD Learning Options

GUHSD Scheduling Committee Recommendations


Beginning Friday, November 20, 2020, the remote learning model from home for all GUHSD schools will be in effect through December 17.

The hybrid learning approach will involve students being assigned to an A or B group. Half the students (Group A) will be at school and the other half (Group B) will be learning remotely from home.
This model will allow students to be in classrooms while still adhering to current social distancing guidelines. Wednesdays are scheduled for remote learning from home for all students. The shortened class periods on Wednesdays will be focused on support for students as well as enrichment activities/assignments.   

The A and B groups will alternate being on campus and learning from home. Group A will be on campus Mondays and Thursdays as Group B learns remotely from home. Group B will be on campus Tuesdays and Fridays as Group A learns remotely from home.

Group A/B assignments will be provided to you by the school. 

All students are back on campus learning in classrooms.

For families and students who choose to learn remotely for the semester, or even the entire school year, a full online option is available. Please contact your school for more information.

Various factors will be considered to make a decision to move from one learning approach to another. The health of our students and our staff is of primary importance in the decision-making process, and any decision will be made with up-to-date information and guidance from the following agencies:

Arizona Department of Health Services
Maricopa County Department of Public Health
o Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
o Arizona Department of Education
o Regional Information or Zip Code Data 

In addition to up-to-date information and guidance by these agencies, moving from Remote Learning to the Hybrid Learning would involve the following criteria:

o Moderate community spread of COVID-19 - steady, consistent downward trend in new cases
o Communication from the Arizona Department of Health Services that schools can safely reopen  

Up-to-date guidance from the aforementioned agencies and the following criteria would be used to make a decision to move to full-time, in-person learning:

o Minimal community spread of COVID-19 - steady consistent downward trend in new cases
o Communication from the Arizona Department of Health Services that schools can safely reopen 
For any of the possible learning approaches planned for the 2020-2021 school year, a block schedule will be utilized. In a block schedule, the length of classes are extended to allow a year-long course to be completed in a semester. The six classes that students are scheduled to take in the 2020-2021 school year will be divided so that they are taking three classes in the fall semester and three new classes in the spring semester, allowing students to earn the six credits they would earn in our traditional schedule. 

Due to the difficulties some students experience when learning remotely, the block schedule will provide the opportunity for them to focus on half the number of classes at once. Additionally, this model will allow teachers to provide additional support to students.