Achievement Above All - Moon Valley High School

Achievement Above All - Moon Valley High School


Board President Ian Hugh with Anne Kauffman

Teacher of The Year – Anne Kauffman

Anne has been teaching for thirteen years in the Glendale Union High School District.  She currently instructs the French Program at Moon Valley teaching French 1-2, 3-4, Honors, and Advanced Placement French.  She has taught other subjects as well including English 3-4 and Journalism.

Her success as an instructor has been outstanding.  Each year, her performance data ranks among the best in the district at 90% or better.  She also has assisted many students in her Advanced Placement classes to receive college credit.  Furthermore, her work as a dual enrollment instructor allows students in the honors and AP class to get a head start on college by completing their foreign language requirement.

Anne has served as the Foreign Language Department Chair since 2006.  She takes this responsibility very seriously attending all the district workshops and meetings in order to keep a handle on all that is occurring at each grade level in both French and Spanish.  Every decision and action is driven by what is best for kids. 

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Anne also sponsors the junior class.  This task involves putting on the prom, which she has performed superbly for the last six years.  The results have been fantastic with compliments pouring in from colleagues and students.

Anne’s dedication to students runs much deeper.  She also served as the spiritline coach from 2000 to 2005 winning a state title in 2002 along with many team members winning all American honors.

Anne has achieved many individual honors, but one that stands out is the American Association of French Teachers scholarship awarded in 2007 to only five teachers nationwide.  Anne got to spend the summer in France as part of this award.

Board Member Pam Reicks presenting the award to Danielle

Student of The Year- Danielle Eastin

Danielle, who goes by Dani, has achieved and maintained a level of excellence throughout her academic career.  She is ranked #1 in her class and maintains a perfect 4.0 GPA while taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes.  Dani’s choice of a rigorous curriculum has continued this year.  She is carrying a full academic load and is enrolled in five AP classes:  AP English, AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP French and AP Government.   

Dani’s favorite subjects are English, French, with Ms. Kauffman, and history.  Her commitment to success in the classroom is reaffirmed by many of the instructors that have worked with Dani over the last three years.     

Dani’s hard work and dedication to academics has already paid off.  She has already attained the Arizona Board of Regents High Honors Tuition scholarship.  The High Honors Tuition scholarship provides a waiver to the yearly tuition at any of the state universities based on 1st year tuition.  The scholarship is renewable and may be received for all four years.   

Danielle is also a member of Moon Valley High School’s National Honor Society and French Honor Society.  She has received other accolades including:

  • Elk’s Lodge student of the year.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist


Board Member Donna Stout presenting the award to Brad Doyle

Support Staff of The Year- Brad Doyle

Brad has spent eight years in the district working at many of our schools, including Apollo, Independence, Greenway, and Washington.  He came to Moon Valley three years ago as our Cafeteria Manager.

Prior to working in the District, Brad worked for almost 30 years in the restaurant management industry.  He is very proud of his accomplishments in that career and has brought that attitude and approach to our district.  

Brad has numerous duties as the Cafeteria Manager.  He oversees a dozen members on his staff ensuring breakfast and lunch items are prepared daily.  Brad provides support to teachers and administrators as needed.  Some examples include breakfast for school council meetings, snacks for AIMS testing, continental breakfasts for the full faculty meetings, and various other administrative needs.  He works diligently to complete all requests in a timely manner. He leads by example and is always a consummate professional.  Brad is always willing to assist, including when it comes to the needs of other schools.


Student Group of The Year- Wrestling, coached by Bryan Smith

The Wrestling program has a long tradition of success and excellence.  Each year, the team wins a number of individual awards along with the team accomplishments.  In visiting the feeder schools, one of the first questions asked by future students involves wrestling and their anticipation of working with Coach Raper and Coach Smith. 

Moon Valley wrestling participates in a number of tournaments and matches throughout the season.  Each year in December, the program puts on one of the largest tournaments in the state.  The reputation of the program has spread throughout the state.  Alumni of the school are still involved and interested in the progress of the wrestling program.  Usually, the first question asked is about the wrestling team and coach Bryan Smith.  The performance of these students and past team members has built a strong tradition of success at Moon Valley. 

Some awards and accomplishments for this group are as follows:


  • Multiple regional titles
  • Numerous individual awards including many individual state champions
  • 8 State Runner-ups
  • 2010 State Champions