Achievement Above All - Glendale High School

Achievement Above All - Glendale High School
Governing Board member Pam Reicks presenting Brooke Goldman with her award

Teacher of The Year – Brooke Goldman

Ms. Goldman is a Phoenix native and a product of our district, graduating from Sunnyslope High School.  She received her bachelor’s in Social Work from Ottawa University and a master’s in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.  She earned a Post-Bac in Education from Rio Salado.

Brooke spent four years at LATCH School, a private school for special education students.  She started teaching in our district in August 2000 in the Special Education department.  She currently teaches Math Reasoning levels 1 & 2, co-teaches the Algebra 1 Semester 2 class with Gary Chavez, and serves as the Department Chair for the Special Education Department.  She was the first one to step up and try the co-teaching process and has developed a successful partnership in the math department.

Brooke has been involved in many activities on campus.  She served as a soccer coach from 2002-2004.  She has also worked with the Interact Club in their community activities and as a team leader at Cardinal Town.  She recently has been trained in the Link program and has taken on a leadership position with the Link Crew on campus.

A fellow teacher says the following about Brooke.  “Brooke is one of the most active members of the GHS staff.  She is involved in many activities and works at swim and track meets.  Brooke is always here early and stays late.  She always goes above and beyond for the students in order to get them to succeed.”

Governing Board member Ian Hugh presenting Nicholas Hailey his award

Student of The Year – Nicholas Hailey

Nick attended Grace Lutheran School and Glendale American School before coming to Glendale. 

Academically, Nick is the perfect ingredient and a teacher’s delight.  He has the absolute perfect transcript, with a 4.0 average; making him in the top 1% of the senior class.  He has taken every honors class available each year; additionally he is a National Merit Semi-Finalist and has received the National Youth Foundation “I Dare You!” Leadership award.

Although his main focus on campus is in the music department being a drum line leader, he is involved in many other activities.  He has had a part in many plays including this fall’s play.  He is a student leader with the Link Crew and is a member of the Mu Alpha Math Honor Society and the National Honor Society.

Nick’s teachers, Ms. Bernal and Mr. Alguire say this about Nick, “Nick is a leader on the Drum Line and is a positive leader in the Marching Band.  Recently Nick took it upon himself to write out the music to the drum cheers which the kids had learned by ear, so the newer members could learn them and carry on the tradition.  Nick is actively involved in Theatre and is a positive motivator at rehearsals.  Nick is an outstanding young adult, an amazing role model and one of GHS brightest starts.”  

His AP English teacher, Mrs. Thompson says that Nick is kind, polite, sophisticated and respectful.  His enthusiasm for learning is contagious, as evidenced by the way his peers are drawn to his ideas in collaborative efforts.  He is a humble young man.

Nick’s future plans are to study music and create a successful career in the music field.  We believe one day we will be buying a CD with Nick’s music he has written and performed.

Governing Board President Kevin Clayborn presenting Edna Reilly her award

Support Staff of The Year – Edna Reilly

Edna was born and raised in Mexico where she attended the Colegio de Anza.   She has also attended Kings River Community College in California and GCC. 

Edna joined Glendale 10 years ago as a Special Education Instructional Aide, then became an ELL Instructional Aide, and currently is serving as the Counseling Secretary.

Ms. Jeanine Phillips, Lead Counselor, says this about Edna.  “We register, on an average, 2 new students per day.  No matter how chaotic the registration office is, Edna Reilly is grace under fire.  She goes the extra mile to make students and parents feel welcome.  She helps counselors with Spanish speaking calls to make sure our parents are informed.”  Assistant Principal Randy Kleiser says that Edna is the ultimate professional.  She is patient and kind and listens to parent’s needs.  Although she is focused on her work, she always makes the extra effort to do what she can to meet student’s needs.”

Outside of school, Edna loves cooking, antique shopping, traveling and visiting historical sites.  In the future she would like to retire near the central coast in California and spend time with her family, most of all with her grandchildren.

Governing Board member presenting Link Crew their award

Student Group of They Year - Link Crew sponsored by Vanessa Bernal, Brooke Goldman and Nestor Felix

More than 66 students are part of the Link Crew. Their purpose is to help freshmen transition into high school and to create a positive and inviting school climate. They are responsible for the Freshman Orientation Day the first day of school, putting together a program that teaches key elements for success and implants the seeds of the Cardinal Spirit. They also organize and carry out other events throughout the school year. Their most recent event was “Link or Treat” where the freshmen had to find their Link Leaders on campus and get a treat.