Achievement Above All - Sunnyslope High School

Achievement Above All - Sunnyslope High School

Mike Fenton

Governing Board member Rick Fields presenting Mike Fenton with his award

Teacher of The Year- Mike Fenton

Mike graduated from Moon Valley High School, earned his BA in Ed. from ASU, and recieved his M.Ed. from NAU. 

He began his teaching career 16 years ago at Sunnyslope, and aside from teaching Algebra, Geometry and being the Stuco sponsor, he has been coaching softball for 12 years and soccer for16 years and coached baseball for 5 years and football for 15 years.  Mike has been named coach of the year 4 times in soccer and 5 times in softball while winning 4 of last 6 Region Championships.  He was also a KNIX teacher of the Week in 09.

Colleague, Danielle Stanley, says this about Mike, “[he] is an amazing teacher.  The time and energy that he contributes to this school cannot possibly be measured.  His biggest concern is always ‘what’s best for the kids,’ in and out of the classroom. He earns the respect of his peers and students by leading by example and holding high expectations.  My successes as a teacher, I can attribute to Mike.”

Sunnyslope principal Linda Whitehead introducing student Jasmine Fuller

Governing Board member Vicki Johnson presenting student Jasmine Fuller with her award

Student of The Year- Jasmine Fuller


Jasmine is a young lady the neighborhood has long admired.  She attended Sunnyslope Elementary and graduated from Royal Palm Junior High School with highest honors.

While at Slope she has been involved in the following: Speech and Debate, volunteering at the AZ Science Center, National Honor Society, President of A WORLD of GOOD, a student-run non-profit organization, and 4 years of Varsity Badminton.

Her future plans include attending a university and pursuing a career in neuroscience.

Other honors of hers include Singles State Champion in Badminton, 3rd in State for singles badminton, and 2nd in State for expository speech in 2010.

Her coach, Sarah Schlesinger has this to say about Jasmine: “She’s an incredible writer, very intelligent and articulate, a great leader-by example, her work ethic is beyond her years, she’s great at taking care of others, very considerate, driven, community-minded---and will most certainly be very successful in life.”

Sunnyslope principal Linda Whitehead introducing staff member Lupe Arias


Governing Board member Patty Kennedy presenting Lupe Arias with her award

Support Staff  The Year- Lupe Arias

Lupe is a graduate of Tolleson High School, and before coming to Sunnyslope was a manager of a 99cent Store.  In the future, she wants to be the cafeteria manager. She especially enjoys the times when she takes her boys and nieces to the park. 



Lupe says, “I get along with everybody and always have a smile on my face," which is absolutely the truth.

Mr. Birk says, “I have never seen her without a smile, and she is always helpful.” Others say, “She is absolutely a bright spot in the day because she is always smiling and totally helpful.  She’ll take the time to find whatever it is that makes a teacher’s lunch more enjoyable, always smiling and helpful.”  

Sunnyslope principal Linda Whitehead introducing the AFJROTC


Governing Board member Pam Reicks presenting AFJROTC with their award

Student Ground of The Year- AFJROTC

The purpose of this 100 strong student program is to “build and prepare better citizens for the United States of America.”  Their student leaders are Cadet Colonel Jose Rojas and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Carlos.

The Assistant Principal of Operations and Resources, Eric Zimmerman, has this to say about ROTC:

“There is rarely a weekend that goes by that ROTC isn’t involved in something.  They are, with all of their activities the busiest group on campus.”

A few of the duties ROTC fulfills include: presentation of colors at school functions; presentation of colors at numerous community events; providing information at multiple points on campus during Open House, FFN, College Visitation Day; hosting an orienteering event in December with over 500 cadets from across AZ competing; spending 6 days working on a mailing project for the Disabled American Veterans organization; and giving countless other hours to community service.

In addition, the Air Rifle Team is extremely active and has achieved the following:  2009-10   2nd place at the AFJROTC Nat’l Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, making them the second best in the nation, 2010 Region Championship runner-up, 2010 AZ State Championship runner-up, and 2011 Individual Region Championship 1st and 2nd place.

The team has also qualified to compete in the 2011 AFJROTC Nat’l Championships in Anniston, Alabama.