SHS and THS STAND Together to Make a Difference

SHS and THS STAND Together to Make a Difference
May 2011 - Usually known for fiercely competing against one another in sports arenas and playing fields, Sunnyslope and Thunderbird students have joined together to make a difference in schools in Africa by donating $2,000 collectively to schools in Northern and Southern Uganda. 

This year, the schools’ STAND chapters joined forces and donated their money together to make a bigger impact on the Ugandan schools. STAND is a student run club which focuses on humanitarian efforts worldwide in stopping genocide in Darfur and crimes against humanity especially in Uganda, Burma and the Republic of Congo.

Throughout the year, students at both schools fundraise by selling t-shirts and wristbands, and by hosting car washes and flower sales to raise money for students in two schools- Gulu High School in Northern Uganda and Sempaya Academy in Southern Uganda.
STAND money is donated to Invisible Children, an organization which is helping to rebuild Northern Ugandan schools after a 20 year war. During this war, children were abducted from their homes and forced to fight as child soldiers.  Money donated to the Southern Ugandan school pays for orphans’ tuition, pigs for the orphans to raise, solar panels to light the school, soccer balls, books and school supplies. The village where Sempaya Academy is located currently has no running water or electricity.

STAND sponsors Sally Doocey, SHS, and Sheri Siwek, THS, plan on the two schools working together in the future to raise money and awareness through fundraisers and events.