GUHSD Legacy Scholarship Recipients Announced

GUHSD Legacy Scholarship Recipients Announced
May 2011 - In celebration of the district's centennial milestone this year, a scholarship fund has been established for graduates with strong ties to the district's history. Recipients of this Legacy Scholarship will receive a $100 scholarship to be applied to their academic pursuits following high school. The winning student from each school met the following criteria: have a parent or grandparent that graduated from a GUHSD school, be a full-time graduating senior, enroll in a post-secondary program, earn a 3.0 GPA or better, community service involvement, participate in extra-curricular activities, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The following students have been awarded the Legacy Scholarship for the impact GUHSD has had on themselves and their families:

Maren Smith, Apollo High School
Just like her mother, Maren is well-prepared for her future by taking advantage of Apollo's outstanding academic and extra-curricular programs.

Aubrey Schneider, Cortez High School
Just like her father cultivated his music skills in the 70's, Aubrey has similarly acquired a passion for the arts during her time in the district.

Michelle Banda, Glendale High School
Michelle's father, a first-generation high school graduate, also attended Glendale High and is a source of motivation and inspiration for Michelle to succeed.

Connor Boggs, Greenway High School
Stories of how GUHSD teachers and coaches molded Connor's parents influenced his decision to attend Greenway, and his own time in high school thoroughly prepared him for both college and career.

Matthew Robinson, Independence High School
Matthew is confident that the outstanding education he has received will provide a strong foundation for his future in the same way it did for both of his parents, also Indy graduates.

Mikah Trejo, Moon Valley High School
A third-generation GUHSD graduate, Mikah has seen ways the district has inspired family members to overcome great odds to graduate, pursue career paths, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Christina Wright, Sunnyslope High School
Inspired by walking in her father's footsteps at 'Slope, Christina has used her high school experience to explore her passions and create her own dreams for the future.

Anne Hillyard, Thunderbird High School
Since her grandmother first graduated from Glendale in 1949, nearly 40 relatives have attended GUHSD schools and are bonded by their shared experiences participating in the music programs.

Kacey Bushong, Washington High School
Born to be a Ram, this third-generation Washington graduate knows that her high school experience will be as valuable to her future as it was for her mom, dad, and grandparents.

award presentation
Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Superintendent, presenting award to Aubrey Schneider, CHS.