Volunteers of the Year

Volunteers of the Year
Jimmy Lee with Apollo Principal Susan Maland

Apollo High School – Jimmy Lee

Jimmy works for the Scottsdale Police Department and volunteers much of his time to the school and the community. Not only does he spend countless hours at Apollo, he also coaches and serves on the board of Pop Warner football.

Jimmy’s biggest contribution is coaching, assisting with both girls' basketball and girls' softball at Apollo.  His daughter Desiree played on both teams.  Three years ago, Jimmy started out volunteering for girls’ softball, and then, because he could not get quite enough coaching with just one sport, he volunteered to help with girls’ basketball too, which he has done for the past 2 years.

This large commitment causes him to come to Apollo for practices every day, for every softball and basketball game, and even on Saturday for open gym.  The past two years, with Jimmy as an assistant, the girls’ basketball team has had incredible seasons, including being the state runners up in 2010 and state champions in 2011.  Were it not for Jimmy, the girls would not have been as successful.  Jimmy's knowledge of team sports, and athletics in general, has made a huge difference. 

Lee and Kathie Hailey with Glendale Principal Deborah Jordan

Glendale High School- Lee and Kathie Hailey

Lee and Kathie Hailey have been an active part of Glendale High School for 6 years. They have two sons who have graduated: Zach in 2010 and Nick in 2011. Both of their children were excellent students in the top 1% of their classes, all while being very active in the band and other campus activities.

Lee and Kathie both served as officers and active members in the Booster Club. They have also served on numerous district committees. They have been the most active supporters of the Cardinal Band program.  If one was to observe them interacting with the band, one would notice them moving equipment, chaperoning students on the buses, and helping with whatever else the band needed.

Lee and Kathie have been a great asset to Glendale High School, and their hard work is very much appreciated.

Tammy with Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti

Greenway High School - Tammy Schroeder 

Tammy has been in charge of the Ways and Means fundraising activities, meaning that she can be seen at all of the school's home football games selling Greenway seat cushions, glow in the dark necklaces, pom-poms, and other spirit items to help support the student scholarship funds.  When she’s not behind the table selling fun merchandise, she’s behind the concessions counter at the games, once again working to support scholarship funds.  Tammy’s dedication to Greenway is not just demonstrated at football games.  In addition to the Parent Action Club, Tammy has been an active member of the Greenway School Council for the past four years.  Recently, in her spare time, she has been a member of the Citizens Revenue Generating Committee. Tammy is not only a Greenway parent; she was also a Greenway student and was as involved in school activities then as she is now. 

Lee Ann with Independence Principal Rob Ambrose

Independence High School – Lee Ann Harbison

Lee Ann has provided countless hours of support to the cadets and instructors of the NJROTC program.  She has attended twenty to thirty camp-outs where she prepared breakfast and supper for 70-80 cadets each time. She has been the official NJROTC Mom at all of the lock-ins as a female chaperone, attending between 10 and 15 of these overnight lock-ins. Lee Ann has shopped for and prepared the food required for 20 to 30 pool parties throughout her time helping Independence High School students. Lee Ann has gone into the community to ask for support for NJROTC and was able to raise hundreds of dollars for their program.

Ed and Cindy Welch with Moon Valley Principal Craig Mussi

Moon Valley High School - Ed and Cindy Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Welch’s service has been incredible this year.  They serve on multiple school committees, including the School Council, the Parent Rocket Boosters, the Finance Planning Team, and the CTE Local Accountability and Improvement Team.

As part of the Parent Rocket Boosters, they attend football and basketball games selling school items to promote spirit and parent involvement.  They also assist at Future Freshmen Night and during school registration.  You will find both of them in attendance at every Parent Booster Meeting.  Furthermore, Mr. Welch has worked with the marketing students this year to design projects that will help promote parent involvement in the parent booster organization and school.

Another aspect of their assistance comes with the school robotics team.  The two of them helped chaperone the team in the national competition this past summer in Kansas City. They go above and beyond to assist students at all of the team’s competitions. They also have donated trophies to the program and materials to the drafting and architectural design classes. 

On top of all of this, you will also find Mr. Welch coming in to speak to classes and participating in the Career Fair to share aspects of his profession.


Sunnyslope Principal Linda Whitehead introducing Karen Kotalik

Sunnyslope High School- Karen Kotalik

Karen has been involved in various volunteer activities throughout the years, including three years as the chairperson of the Underclassmen Awards Luncheon, two years as the Viking Parent Club Treasurer, five years on the Homecoming committee, five years on the Faculty Appreciation Holiday Party committee, two years on the Senior Night committee, two years as a cheer mom, hosting cheer parties and events, one year as the co-chairperson of VPC Products & Merchandise, and six years as a registration helper.

That’s a total of 29 years of volunteerism!

This year, she was asked to serve on the School Council, which she graciously accepted, and then she put together an incredibly successful Centennial Event, during which the gym was named after Dan Mannix.

Thunderbird Principal Matt Belden with Brandy Tucker

Thunderbird High School- Brandy Tucker

Brandy Tucker is the President of the Chiefs Paternal Association, and while her son attended THS, she was a member of the Football Booster Club.  Through her leadership, the CPA has continued to raise funds for the school. Brandy is always willing to step in and lend a hand to help the school. Brandy helps organize four parent nights devoted to college preparation, drug and alcohol education, graduation, and freshman orientation.  Each of these programs is dedicated to educating parents and keeping them involved.

Brandy is a role model parent and volunteer, and we thank her for all of her time that she spends at THS.

Robert and Sally Robertson with Washington Principal Carol Lippert

Washington High School- Robert and Sally Robertson

The Robertson’s have a unique situation – Sally works days and Robert works nights. This schedule has turned out to be a bonus for Washington because Robert volunteers during daytime Washington events, and Sally takes on the night volunteer duties.  This allows them to be present at almost every event on campus!  In the PTO meetings, they were the first to step up and agree to take over floundering purple pride sales.  Under their capable leadership, the sales began to skyrocket.  They also researched vendors to find the best quality product at the lowest price.  As a result, profits began to increase as well.  They have been a large asset to WHS, and we thank them for their service.