District Centennial

Glendale Union High School District - Established 1911

2011 marked the 100th year the GUHSD has been molding the lives of high schoolers in Glendale and Phoenix. GUHSD has enjoyed many successes through its 100 years, providing graduates-- from rock stars to local heroes-- a solid foundation to become productive citizens of the community. GUHSD is proud to build on their rich legacy of learning to move forward into the future.

Glendale Union High School District's first school began in 1911 in the Hill Building, specifically in the storeroom, which was situated on the present site of the Glendale City Hall parking area near the corner of Glendale Avenue and Grand Avenue. There were 17 students to begin, but a total of 21 for the term. Mr. Lelan Hum was superintendent, principal, and the only teacher that first year of operation.

Now the district encompasses over 60 square miles with nine comprehensive high schools and close to 15,000 students. Over the past century, more than 130,000 students have graduated from GUHSD.