When Sunnyslope High School first opened its doors on September 8, 1953, it had 18 classrooms, an office, a woodshop, a cafeteria, and a P.E. building. More students than had been expected had registered the week before, but the new high school considered itself well equipped with its 17 faculty members to handle approximately 430 new Sunnyslope students. Chancey Coor was the school’s first principal. Because the school is located in the Sunnyslope area, the name Sunnyslope High School was adopted. The first site selected for SHS was south of the canal and as a result the first bond election was defeated. It wasn’t until the present site was selected, north of the canal, that the residents would pass the bond. As a result, the school was almost two years late in opening, and the rise in cost of construction delayed some buildings on campus from being completed until an additional bond issue could be voted on.