Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development for Teachers

August 2011- Although a common misconception about teachers is that they spend lengthy summers away from the classroom, GUHSD teachers ended their summer breaks weeks before their students to meet for professional development workshops.

Teachers new to the district began their professional development in late July and underwent two weeks of full school days devoted to learning everything about their craft. These sessions were led by seasoned GUHSD teachers, who also spend a portion of the school day mentoring new teachers.

Mentors discussed subjects such as the Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI), grading practices, school culture, classroom management, and new teaching technology.

The learning does not end when the school year begins, however. There are future workshop dates planned for teachers throughout the school year to ensure that each student within the GUHSD receives the best education possible.

Mentors Teaching             New Teachers Learning
Mentors Kim Means (WHS) and Blair Hadley (GHS)              New teachers listen and take notes.
lead teachers in an activity.