Retirees and 25-Year Employees Recognized by Governing Board

Retirees and 25-Year Employees Recognized by Governing Board
May 2012- On May 2, the GUHSD Governing Board honored the district’s retirees and employees who have served for 25 years during the annual recognition reception at District Office.

Employees being recognized for 25 years of service receive a lapel pin, and their name is added to a plaque honoring employees who have served for 25 years or more. Retirees receive an apple award and a lifetime pass to all district events.

Gratitude is extended to the following employees and students from Thunderbird High School for catering the event: Bunnee Vasquez, Gloria Mason, Alicia Leon-Guerrero, Joey Monje, Daniel Cruz, Edward Throckmorten, and Lori Heydorn.

GUHSD appreciates each of the individuals listed below for their years of service to education.

25-Year Employees:

Moon Valley     
Susan Edwards
Robert Preston
Dale Whitney         
Marian Wimer
Vickie Harshman   
Suzanne Wilhelm
Special Programs
District Office
Bruce Reynolds
Pamela Francis
Carolyn Kelly      
Leo Fonteno
Laura Sewell
Renee Wieferich






Moon Valley
Casimira Maldonado
Corina Moreno        
Chryss Danielek
Alta Westfall
Jim Davis
Susan Edward
Santiago Espinoza
Martha Gallegos
Judy Harris
Randel Kleiser
Lola Mitchell
Robert Preston
Pam Rosenwasser
Dale Whitney
Mary Ann Wyzevich
William Rader
Willie Wallace
Sarah Cousins-Baba
Karen Cromie
Anacleto Becerra
Teresa Hanley


Special Programs
District Office
Diane D’Agostino
Carol Smith
Linda Whitehead
Barbara Blosser
Carol Hager
Hugh Hansen
Gary Mauldin
Teri Neeley
Carl Riney
Dora Vandever
Coralinda Wentworth
Mary F. Johnston
Dixie Bailey
Margaret Scozzari
Sharon Barnum
Richard Hudak
Dr. Jennifer Johnson
Gail King
Rick Pena
Cindy Resendes
Dr. Linda Rosness