Snapshot of GUHSD Student Achievement

GUHSD presents Student Achievement Report

September 2012– Glendale Union’s Curriculum and Instruction Department, under the leadership of Associate Superintendent Mr. Brian Capistran, presented the annual Student Achievement Report at a recent Governing Board Study session.

The night kicked off with students showcasing their culinary art skills and providing attendees with a look at GUHSD’s Career and Technical Education area in action.

The Student Achievement Report provides all stakeholders, including parents, community members, students and teachers, with a snapshot of how students are excelling at Glendale Union. Participants were also provided information on how the district is expanding the focus on helping students prepare for college and career. 
Extracurricular Participation:
Glendale Union offers 120 different activities for students to participate in. Last year, 80% of students participated in one or more school activities, such as, state championship athletics, National Honor Society, Key Club, DECA, marching band and many more.
Drop-out Rate:
The high amount of students involved in extracurricular activities has helped contribute to GUHSD’s low drop-out rate. The drop-out rate for GUHSD is 1.2%, one-third less than the state average of 3.7%
Graduation Rate:
Glendale Union boasts one of the highest graduation rates in the state. GUHSD’s graduation rate is 93%, 12% higher than the state average of 81%. According to the Governor’s Arizona Ready Report Card, the state is aiming to have a graduation rate of 93% by the year 2020. Glendale Union has already reached those expectations and plans to continue the success
AIMS Data:
Students in the district continue to score near or above average in all three areas of the AIMS test, math, reading and writing. Right now, the AIMS test is a graduation requirement for students in Arizona. However, success on the AIMS test does not necessarily mean a student is ready for college and career. A new state test will soon replace the AIMS test and is designed to better measure how prepared students are for college and career. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers or PARCC test, will be given to students during the 2014-2015 school year. Changes are already taking place in GUHSD classrooms to better prepare students for the current AIMS test, as well as the new PARCC test.    
Parent Satisfaction:
Based on all the student achievement information, it is no surprise that GUHSD parents rate their satisfaction with the district at 94%. Each district school continues to work in areas that need attention, to make sure every student and parent is happy with their choice of a GUHSD school.

Moving forward, the district plans to better prepare students to compete on a global level. GUHSD will focus on preparing students for college and career through the Arizona Common Core Standards. The goal of the standards is to move away from a broad coverage of information, to a more focused, deep study of content. The standards will help students think, analyze and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are directly relevant to their future.

GUHSD also plans to continue moving forward with parent and community involvement. One goal is to increase awareness about the Parent Portal, helping parents connect with schools so they can stay informed about their child’s progress. Another goal is to involve more community members at GUHSD’s Patron Tours. These are behind-the scenes looks of each GUHSD campus.

Student Achievement   Student Achievement
 Student Achievement  Student Achievement Report