Greenway High School Recognizes Achievement Above All Recipients

Special Ceremony Recognizes GWHS Teacher, Student, Support Staff Member, Student Group and Volunteer

The GUHSD Governing Board and Greenway High School Principal, Ed Barnes, recently recognized their Achievement Above All recipients. The event highlights the accomplishments and commitment of a teacher, student, support staff member, student group and volunteer at a GUHSD high school.

LCDR Paula Sawdy-Bowes was recognized as Greenway High School’s Achievement Above All teacher recipient. Sawdy-Bowes is a retired member of the Navy. She has many honors, as well as many Naval Specialist training programs under her belt. Currently, Sawdy-Bowes oversees the NJROTC program at Greenway and also logs many hours tutoring students for the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams. Since her arrival at Greenway, the NJROTC has been identified as a “Distinguished Unit” for the past 4 years, among other honors. “As the principal at Greenway, I am proud and truly honored to work with teachers of this caliber. She models dedication and excellence to our students, faculty and community daily,” says Principal Ed Barnes of Sawdy-Bowes.

Paula Sawdy-Bowes   Paula Sawdy-Bowes  Paula Sawdy-Bowes

Ben Wakefield was chosen as Greenway’s Achievement Above All student recipient. Wakefield holds a 3.89 GPA and ranks in the top 3% of his class. He is the student body president and is enrolled in many honors and Advanced Placement classes. Wakefield is also a three-sport athlete, participating in cross country, soccer and track and field. “Ben is a strong leader on our campus; both in the classroom and on the field. This combination of academics, athletics and character is what has built this young man into an outstanding Greenway Demon,” says Principal Ed Barnes of Wakefield.


Ben Wakefield  Ben Wakefield   Ben Wakefield

Julian Alcantar was recognized as Greenway’s Achievement Above All support staff recipient. Alcantar began his work in the district as an instructional aide for the E.L.L. Department at Independence High School. Right now, he is a member of the custodial crew at Greenway. Currently, he is studying Education at ASU West and is only one semester away from earning his degree. He hopes to one day teach E.L.L. or Read 180 at Greenway. “Julian goes out of his way on a daily basis, lending a helping hand to every member of the Greenway community. His work ethic and outstanding attitude are a small part of the great character he brings to Greenway’s campus every day,” says Principal Ed Barnes of Alcantar. 


Julian Alcantar  Julian Alcantar   Julian Alcantar

Unitown was chosen as Greenway’s Achievement Above All student group. The group is sponsored by Ana Cortes and Lyndsey Adams. The goal of Unitown is to gain a greater respect and understanding of all people. The program reaches out to students, in hopes that the students will build strong relationships and have respect for the Greenway student body and community. The club also sends about 130 students each year to a three day training camp. Students learn about cultural diversity, while also being introduced leadership skills. “What an amazing program for our district, helping students understand the value of racial diversity and building a healthy function at each of our nine campuses,” says Principal Barnes about the Unitown program.


Unitown  Unitown  Unitown 

Jeff Cox was chosen as Greenway’s Volunteer of the Year. Cox is a Greenway graduate and volunteers his time coaching the freshman football team. He also coaches wrestling and serves as the sponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes program on campus. Cox was also instrumental in ways to improve classroom buildings, after a hail storm damaged Greenway in 2010.  “We are truly blessed to have a man of his caliber, working with our students and keeping a watchful eye on our school,” says Principal Ed Barnes of Cox.

Jeff Cox  Jeff Cox   Jeff Cox