GUHSD Governing Board Members Honored By ASBA

Governing Board Members Recognized For Significant Contributions to GUHSD
December 2012- The Arizona School Board Association recently recognized two GUHSD Governing Board members for their significant contributions to the district.

Ian Hugh received the ASBA Honor Roll Award. This award is given to school board members who have 8 years of service within the district and are planning to retire or have already retired. The GUHSD Governing Board recommended Mr. Hugh for this honor, as he is retiring from the GUHSD Governing Board to serve on the Glendale City Council. Congratulations to him for this recognition!

Vicki Johnson recieved the Master of Boardsmanship Cluster Award for continuing her training while serving on the GUHSD Governing Board. The Master of Boardsmanship Award is given to school board members who earn 84 continuing education units. Because Ms. Johnson has earned 352.2 continuing education units, she was honored with the Master of Boardsmanship 4th Cluster Award. Congratulations to her on this recognition!

 ASBA Award  ASBA Award