Washington Recognizes Achievement Above All Recipients

Special Ceremony Recognizes WHS Teacher, Student, Support Staff Member, Student Group, and Volunteer
March 2013- The GUHSD Governing Board and Washington High School Principal, Carol Lippert, recently recognized Washington High School's Achievement Above All recipients. Each school's event highlights the accomplishments and commitments of one WHS teacher, student, support staff member, student group, and volunteer.

Wendy Ramos was recognized as Washington's Achievement Above All teacher recipient. Ramos has taught at Washington for 14 years. Currently, she teaches girl's physical education. Ramos is also passionate about student literacy and takes the time to tutor students towards success in AIMS reading. She also organizes annual tailgates for WHS, coaches badminton, umpires softball games, and organizes the Freshman Fitness Festival. "Most people are not even aware of the many activities that benefit from Wendy's outreach. She accomplishes herculean tasks without concern for credit or accolades," said WHS Principal Carol Lippert.    

Nawida Hussaini was recognized as Washington's Achievement Above All student recipient. Currently, Hussaini is maintaining a 4.6 weighted GPA, while taking multiple AP courses. Last year, Hussaini scored a perfect 5 on her AP U.S. History exam. Besides academics, she is also involved in several on-campus activities, including National Honor Society, Interact, and the school newspaper, the Rampage. Hussaini plans to attend ASU and study chemical engineering. "Her accomplishments are wide and varied, and she is universally admired by her teachers and her peers," said WHS Principal, Carol Lippert of Hussaini. 

Dee Tucker was recognized as Washington's Achievement Above All support staff member. Tucker has served as Washington's credentials secretary for 12 years. During her time at WHS, she has trained four assistant principals, two data processors, five counseling secretaries and one principal. Previously, Tucker worked at Motorola for 34 years. She plans to retire at the end of the school year. "Through her faith and knowledge, Mrs. Tucker has become the heart of our counseling office. Our school is a better place because of her dedication to our students and our staff," said WHS Principal, Carol Lippert of Tucker.  

The Washington Theater Company was recognized as Washington's Achievement Above All student group. The group is sponsored by Bob Johnson and has 130 members. The group puts on 5-8 performances each school year. The students put in multiple hours, prior to school even starting, to ensure each performance is a success. "Through their talent and commitment, they bring life to the Washington human spirit. They bring the arts to students who would otherwise never see a play on stage," said WHS Principal, Carol Lippert of the group.  

Jerry Kopke was recognized as Washington's Achievement Above All volunteer recipient. Kopke has been a part of Washington for 56 years. He taught math for 44 years and the last 12 years, he has been a sub in GUHSD. Kopke also serves as the statistician for the football team. He has also spearheaded Thanksgiving and Christmas canned food drives for more than 15 years at Washington High School. "He spends more hours working with our young people than he gets reimbursed for. He goes above and beyond to share insights with them and to guide them in right choices. Not only does Jerry influence our students, he is a role model for our adult staff," said WHS Principal, Carol Lippert of Kopke.