Governing Board Honors 25-Year Employees and Retirees

25-Year Employees and Retirees Recognized by GUHSD Governing Board
This is the image for the news article titled 25-Year Employees and Retirees Recognized by GUHSD Governing BoardMay 2013- Recently, the GUHSD Governing Board honored Glendale Union High School District's retirees, as well as, employees with at least 25 years of service in the district.

Employees being recognized for 25 years of service received a lapel pin and their name is added to a plaque honoring employees who have served for 25 years or more. Retirees receive an apple award and a lifetime pass to all district events.

GUHSD appreciates the individuals listed below for their years of service to education.

25-Year Employees:
Moon Valley     
Norma Felix
Joseph Marzella
Jacqueline Smith        
Dawn Harman

District Office
Eric Zimmerman
Brian Combs
Eugene Dudo     
Sandra Gregory
Wanda Hillis 





Virginia Preciado
Susan Valdez-Martinez        
Andrea Fenton
Karen Kattau
Jacquelyn Parmeley
Sandra Caramelli
Carl Eidenbock
Norma Felix
Monica Hughett
Marcia Swartz
Glenna Teel
Alicia Alcantar
Timothy Evans
Nancy Goodwin
Cheri Treude
Linda Vallee
Jeffrey Yoder
Lois Young
Mary Pat Eul
John Mastrangelo
Katherine Prado
Norbert Schneider

Moon Valley



Special Programs

District Office
Robert Berger
Don Ioli
Angela Russell
Steve Schetting
Boyd Arnold
Thomas Birk
Kelly Helfinstine
Mary Ellen Naughton
John Johnstonbaugh
Kathryn Liebertz
Marilyn Olivere
Salvatore Rizzo
Rebecca Simms
Deloris Tucker
Judy Widoff
Susan Wright
Mari Jo Cardenas
Kathleen Goodwin
Susan Hodge-Parker
Carolyn Kelly
Leo Fonteno
John Guisinger
Frank Hinderberger
Janice Mays
Karen Meritt
Jan Tyrrell
Mariano Valdenegro
Twenty Five Year/Retiree Reception   Twenty Five Year/Retiree Event  Twenty Five Year/Retiree Reception  Twenty Five Year/Retiree Reception