Nurse's Office / Health Services

Health Services

The Health Services Department on each of our campuses provides health promotion, protection, and education opportunities for the students and school personnel.

When accidents or illness occur during school hours, emergency care will be given according to the standing orders; then any further care is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.  All accidents are to be reported immediately.

In case of illness or accident during the school day, the student must obtain a permit from his/her classroom teacher to go to the Health Center.  the nurse may, on her judgment, give the student permission to go home, or she may send the student back to class.


Compliance with such requests, with very few exceptions, is contrary to state law.

Under certain circumstances, when it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the nurse may cooperate with the family physician, parents, and the student if the following requirements are satisfied:

1.  There must be a written order from a healthcare provider stating the medication, dosage, route and the time to be given. Standing orders from district physician (if available) can cover some over the counter medications. 

2.  There must be written permission or authorization of a parent or legal guardian to allow the school to administer the medicine. Appropriate forms available from the school office. Any changes in prescription require new consent. 

3.  The medication must come to the school office in the original labeled prescription container or if it is over the counter medication, in the original container with all the directions and warning intact. Expired medication will not be administered. 

4.  All non-used medications need to be picked up at end of each school year. Any leftover medications will be disposed of the last week of school. 

5.  Contact your school nurse with any questions.