The District Office and Special Programs Honor Achievement Above All Winners

Governing Board Honors District Office and Special Programs Achievement Above All Winners
Special Programs

May, 2014

Paul Bodjanac was selected to receive the Achievement Above All Award for the Transitions Program. Certified in and teaching both history and English is a constant challenge that Mr. Bodjanac embraces. Mr. Bodjanac is instinctual in his ability to quickly recognize students’ needs and is able to modify his teaching almost instantaneously to accommodate all learners from gifted to severely learning disabled. In his 10 years at Transitions, Mr. Bodjanac has never given up on any student or said he can’t work with someone.  This speaks to his professionalism and positive attitude.  He constantly is looking at the student, their needs, what motivates them, and how he can help them.

paul   pa

Robert Johnson was chosen to be the Achievement Above All Support Staff for the Transitions Program. He is highly dependable and always first on the scene to help with a seemingly innate sense that always puts him exactly where assistance is needed. Mr. Johnson works amazingly well with all students of differing abilities and disabilities and he does so in a variety of settings and situations.  Mr. Johnson wears many hats at Transitions and is often put with new teaching staff to assist them in learning the program. He is put in rooms where teachers may struggle a bit with certain classes to model good behavior management and enforce rules fairly. He is a trainer to all new aides, having them shadow him to absorb just a little bit of his knowledge and patience. He is called in to be a floater staff that helps out program wide.

rob   rob

The Achievement Above All student for the Next STEP Program was Shanece Davis. Shanece is a person who loves life and is always positive and always happy.  Her presence, makes you forget about what is troubling you.  Her attitude is always positive, and makes you wonder why you can’t be as happy as she is. Shanece works at the Christian Care Center as a beverage server.  She knows everyone by their first name and also what they like as a drink.  She makes the people she meets feel that each one is special because she remembers everyone. Shanece has blossomed into a person that has far exceeded our expectations.She is a model employee, who never misses work and always shows up prepared.

sh   sh

Linda Bechtel was chosen to receive the Support Staff Achievement Above All Award for the Glendale Union High School District Office. Linda is one of those people who comes to work daily and consistently, quietly and discreetly, knowing her job and the necessary functions necessary to do her job well. She also comes in with a skill set of customer service, of attention to detail, of multi-tasking, of initiative and drive, of selfless unconditional support, of care and positive regard for others, and of the inability to say “no” to another person in need. Linda pays close attention to detail while rolling with the age of technology. Linda knows the importance of confidentiality not only as it pertains to special education but also as it pertains to day to day operations in the workplace. She is patient with families, a team player with colleagues, a loyal employee to the District, and a person that cares about doing things right.

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