Washington High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners

Washington High School Recently Recognized Achievement Above All Winners
RescueJonathan Becktold was chosen to the Washington High School's Achievement Above All teacher recipient. Mr. Becktold has spent his entire 17 year career as a math teacher at Washington High School. His peers consistently describe him as unselfish, possessing great character, and being a diligent mentor. Jon Becktold demands excellence of his students regardless of their situation. By setting his standards high he pushes his students to accomplish more than they thought possible. Outside the classroom Jonathan coaches football and basketball and requires his athletes to not only perform on the field but to represent their community and Washington in the best light possible.

jon   jon

Joseangel Gonzalez is Washington High School's student Achievement Above All winner. Joseangel is in the top 1% of seniors and enrolled in numerous AP classes. Joseangel has taken accelerated course throughout his entire career at Washington High School as well as being an accomplished musician involved in both orchestra and Jazz Ensemble. Joseangel tutors his peers and is a member of Interact, Link Crew, National Honor Society, and Hispanic Society who has logged over 235 hours of community service. Joseangel wants to be a math teacher.

joseangel   Joseangel

The Rescue Rams were selected to to be the Washington High School student group. Rescue Rams is involved with the Humane Society and other animal rights organizations. They volunteer at the Humane Society and hold dog washes. What has impressed the faculty at Washington is the dedication the students in Rescue Rams have shown in caring for animals with no extrinsic reward. They constantly strive to create a better world for living beings who can't speak for themselves.


Washington High School's Achievement Above All support staff was Julie Metro. Julie has worked for Glendale Union High School District for five years. She has spent three of those years at Washington first as the receptionist and then as the counseling secretary. Julie makes every person who visits the counseling office feel as if they are her only responsibility and a valued member of the community. She encourages students to take an active part in the community. The faculty and staff at Washington say that Julie is always smiling and has a graceful and warm presence.

julie   Julie

Angela Gonzales was chosen to be Washington High School's Achievement Above All volunteer recipient. Angela has served as the PTO president multiple years at Washington. She also sits on the school council, has developed multiple sports programs, works with Washington Theater Company and Dance Force Company, and helps organize the annual wellness fair. Angela's dedication extends beyond that though. She is always wearing Washington's school color purple. She not only wears it herself but give purple clothing to those around her so they can represent the school as well.

angela   angela