Sunnyslope High School Wins Volleyball State Championship

Sunnyslope's Volleyball Team Wins State
The Sunnyslope TeamNovember 2013 - Sunnyslope's only obstacle to taking the Division II volleyball title last Tuesday was Campo Verde's undefeated team. Both team's stands were packed with cheering fans who filled the building with noise. The first game started out in Sunnyslope's favor. They gained a quick 5 point lead and maintained it for the first half of the game. Midway through though, Campo Verde started to make a comeback. For every point Sunnyslope captured, Campo Verde seemed to answer with two. The first game ended up as a close win for Slope at 25-23.

The next game began the same as the first with Sunnyslope gaining an even bigger lead with the team being led by Senior outside hitter Jenny Thompson. This time Campo Verde couldn't answer Sunnyslope's charge. With Thompson leading the way, along with Sophomores Skylar Wine and Emma Wright, Sunnyslope won the game 25-12. During the final game it was apparent that Sunnyslope had shaken their opponents and they clinched the Championship in a 25-8 win. Sunnyslope coach Amber LeTarte was immensely proud of her team. Under LeTarte's coaching Sunnyslope has garnered 7 championships in the last 8 years.