GUHSD Welcomes New Teachers

New Teachers Welcomed

The GUHSD Governing Board welcomed 48 new teachers to the district on August 5 during the annual New Teacher Dinner. These teachers are a result of a national teacher recruitment process and an annual GUHSD Teacher Job Fair. Utilizing a rigorous selection and high standards, the district is proud to have hired 48 teachers from 6 states, representing together 175 years of teaching experience. Some additional facts about the new hires are 19 teachers have Masters degrees; 3 teachers have been substitute teachers in the district; 5 were previously employed as Instructional Aides in the district; 10 were student teachers from the district; and 3 are GUHSD alumni. The new teachers also bring unique experiences to GUHSD, including working as a museum assistant for the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. and designing and constructing costumes for MIT in Boston; attending a university in Osaka, Japan studying Japanese Language and Culture; teaching English at St. George’s College in Santiago, Chile; and serving as a Nuclear Assistant Project Superintendent in the military.