ParentVUE Help

To retrieve your activation key or receive help with questions, contact your school.

Apollo High School
                                                        Moon Valley High School
623-435-6304                                                                623-915-8002

Cortez High School                                                       Sunnyslope High School
623-915-8202                                                                623-915-8741

Glendale High School 
                                                 Thunderbird High School                                   623-435-6216                                                                623-915-8915                                                                    
Greenway High School                                               Washington High School                                        623-915-8502                                                             623-915-8402

Independence High School                                         Parent-Community Liaison
623-435-6153                                                                623-435-6022

-After receiving your activation key, visit:
-Click I am a parent.
-Click I have an activation key and need to create my account.
-Read the privacy statement and click I Accept.
-Enter your:         First Name
                              Last Name
                              Activation Key
                   Click Continue to Step 3.
-Choose a username and password and click Complete Account Activation.

Home Screen
After logging on to the website or activating an account, you will see the Home tab screen of the ParentVUE portal. The information on the home page includes:

Messages display important district/classroom messages and emails. The number of unread messages display in the red circle.
Click the message to view.
Unread messages display with a closed envelope.

The school calendar list assignments from the Grade Book for the student listed, school holidays, and other school events. Information in blue is a link for more detailed information. The calendar can be screened by day, week, or month.
To filter the information displayed on the calendar, use the drop-down boxes at the top of the calendar. This can be used to only show assignments of a particular type or from a particular class.
The attendance screen can be viewed in two ways - the List screen and the Calendar screen. The option i s located on the right side of the screen. 
The List view displays all the day your child was marked absent or tardy, along with the reason and notes associated with the entry. Totals display at the bottom of the list.
The Calendar view displays absences in the date occurred. This is handy to view a specific period of time.
In Calendar or List View, click an absence reason to view the details. The secondary Attendance Detail screen list the class scheduled for each period, the room number, the teacher's name and the type of absence.

Class Schedule
The schedule list the period, course title, room name, and the teacher for each class. The schedule list the period, course title, room name, and the teacher for each class. If the teacher's name is in blue text, click the blue text to send an e-mail to that teacher.

Grade Book
The Grade Book screen allows parents to keep track of student grades, assignments and test scores. The Grade Book Summary screen shows grades for each grading period and progress period. The screen opens to the current grade period but clicking any available quarter or progress period brings up that summary.
The summary displays the periods, course title, resources for that class (if any were posted), the teacher name, and grades for that time period.
Click on the class to see other assignments for that class. Click on the teacher to e-mail that particular teacher.

The Health screen list your child's immunization record

Report Card
This screen also contains period, course title, room name, teacher, marks, citizenship. You can e-mail the teacher as well from this screen.

Student Info
The Student Info screen displays your child's demographic information emergency contact and physician information. You can contact your child's homeroom teacher from here as a well.