Utility Recommendations Approved

Utility Reduction Recommendations Approved

This year the district is faced with tough decisions of where to cut costs to meet tight budgets. Increasing energy costs, changes in the state funding formula and the severe down turn in our State and National economy have generated difficult problems for our district budget. Utility costs represent approximately 6% of the district's operating budget. While the task appears difficult, reducing energy dependency can have a worthwhile effect on the district's operations. By implementing energy-efficient operations and maintenance strategies, GUHSD can generate substantial energy cost savings and extend the life of equipment in the school facilities.

The Utility Reduction Task Force was formed for the purpose of analyzing the district's long-term utility needs, exploring opportunities to charge for non-school usage, and to develop processes for utility reduction to apply to local campuses. As a group, the committee listened as experts provided information on current trends in energy conversation and studied current research on school energy conservation practices.

The guidelines and recommendations were presented to the Governing Board and approved on  February 18, 2009.

Click here to read the Utility ReductionTask Force guidelines and recommendations.