Moon Valley High School Honored at Governing Board Meeting

Achievement Above All Celebrates Outstanding Rockets
Posted on 04/07/2017
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April 2017 – Moon Valley High School representatives were honored at the Achievement Above All ceremony April 5. The annual event honors a teacher, student, staff member, student group and volunteer who have shined throughout the year as outstanding members of the school.

Achievement Above All: Teacher

Jenna Serafini received her undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University with a double major in English and History. She has taught at Moon Valley for six years, instructing students in freshmen and English, Honors English and Student Council. She has coached the Spirt Lines and led the LINK Crew for four years.

“Teaching sort of fell into my lap when I realized I enjoyed the company of teenagers better than adults, and oddly it has always been a perfect fit,” Serafini said. “Teaching has changed me, pushed me, made me laugh, made me cry, given me a second family, but most importantly, made me realize that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. Students that have walked through my classroom have left an undeniable mark on me, and hopefully, I have somehow transformed their perspective on education and life as well.”

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Achievement Above All: Student

Randy Grivel is ranked among the top of his class at Moon Valley, with a weighted GPA of 4.8. He challenges himself daily with rigorous classes like Advanced Placement Statistics, Calculus and Government. But he is also challenged in the extracurricular activities he involves himself in, Principal Anat Salyar said.

“His excellence in the classroom is just one of his many accomplishments,” she said. “He has been involved with football, track and competed with his advanced marketing class in DECA competitions as well.”

“These four years spent with the Glendale Union High School District have not only developed me intellectually but have helped foster relationships and experiences that will never be forgotten,” Grivel said. “Without the opportunities provided to me by Moon Valley, I would not have developed into the person standing before you.”

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Achievement Above All: Support Staff Member

A graduate of Cortez High School, Support Staff Employee of the Year Shannon Mitchell first joined the district at Greenway High School, where she held the role of counseling secretary. She then transferred to Moon Valley to run the Records Office and is now the Data Processor.

“There isn’t a single person on campus that Shannon has not helped,” Salyer said. “She is one of the most determined employees I’ve ever worked with. If she isn’t sure how to do something, she won’t stop until she’s figured it out.”

Mitchell said she was truly honored to be recognized for her work at Moon Valley.

“Even though I love what I do as the Data Processor, the Moon Valley family atmosphere is what really makes it an incredible place to be,” she said. “The support, dedication and encouragement that administration, teachers and staff members share helps everyone strive to succeed.”

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Achievement Above All: Student Group

The Moon Valley Varsity Boys Basketball team had a phenomenal season.

“Our players played with heart and tenacity throughout the season and earned their way to a final four appearance,” Salyer said. “They were the 2017 Class 4A Desert West region champions.”

The team is taught by Head Coach Matt Elliott and Assistant Coach Carlos Contreras. The team’s senior captain and Region Player of the Year Trevor Thompson, said the team’s determination was strong.

“There was never a doubt in anyone’s head, neither players or coaches, that this team wouldn’t be able to compete with the best teams in the state,” Thompson said. Our confidence and faith in each other’s abilities was powerful, and everyone watching could tell that we had a legitimate shot at winning our region title, and being able to compete for the state championship as well.”

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Achievement Above All: Volunteer

There is no denying the connect Volunteers of the Year Angela and Gary Fischer have to Moon Valley. Both are graduates of the school and they have an extensive line of family who have also attended and graduated as Rockets. Their youngest daughter, Julia, is a senior at Moon Valley and the 34th member of the family to attend the school.

Mrs. Fischer is the current Booster Club President but she and her husband can be seen helping out all over the campus. They’ve lent a hand at the snack bar, taken pictures at track events, sewn costumes for theater and student council and helped build sets for theater and dance.

“Angela feels that being a volunteer and helping out the campus is a blessing,” Salyer said. “She feels that because her life has been blessed, she wants to spread that to others so that they will hopefully want to continue and help others in return.”

“While it seems trite, the saying ‘it takes a village’ is quite true,” Mrs. Fischer said. “It takes each of us, parents, teachers and community, to band together with our own individual gifts and talents to make the world a better place for the next generations. Thank you for recognizing our contribution.”

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Thank you and congratulations to each of the Moon Valley Achievement Above All recipients. We are grateful for your contributions to Moon Valley High School and the Glendale Union High School District community.

Please enjoy this video from the Achievement Above All event.