Governing Board Honors Moon Valley Achievers

Moon Valley High School Achievement Above All Recipients Recognized
Posted on 03/08/2018
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March 2018
– Moon Valley High School celebrated its best of the best on March 7 during the annual Achievement Above All awards ceremony. Principal Anat Salyer introduced the guests of honor.

Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient:

The Moon Valley Teacher of the Year recipient is Dr. Lora Zimmer, who teaches engineering and physics. She sponsors the Coding Club and Mobile Robotics.

Dr. Zimmer received her doctorate in industrial engineering from Arizona State University and has taught at Moon Valley for 12 years.

Media Center Director Dawn Harman said, “Lora is an amazing person. She always strives to learn more and to find different ways to teacher her students – all while she teaches four different, difficult classes.”

Having an opportunity to work with people who care deeply for each other and for students is part of why Dr. Zimmer said she is grateful to work at Moon Valley.

“Thank you to my students who keep me wanting to learn new things and make me excited to see what the future holds,” she said.

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Achievement Above All Student Recipient:

Tokosang Lokule is at the top of her class. Her academic schedule includes Advanced Placement French, Advanced Placement Literature, Advanced Placement Governing, Advanced Placement US History and Calculus BC. Her one elective class is as a peer tutor assisting in the special education program with students who have multiple disabilities.

“I have learned that Tokosang is a young woman who gives her all every day, and is always seeking to learn new things,” her French teacher said. “In addition, she is committed to her education and has a true passion for learning and growing.”

“This school has not only encouraged me to be more outgoing, but I find myself more inclined in taking more initiatives. I’m more reflective in my thoughts when making decisions and I feel myself more prepared for the challenges that may come my way; and with that, I am proud to say that this school has shaped me into who I am today,” Ms. Lokule said.

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Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient:

The Student Group of the Year is the Varsity Football Program, which is coached by Seth Millican, Scott Krumpos and John Rudnick. There are 38 members on the team.

“The team worked hard this season both on and off the field and made it to the state playoffs, but they do not measure their success only by wins and losses,” Principal Salyer said.

The team participates in service activities throughout the year, including volunteering for the Special Olympics, Arizona Humane Society, St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul and the United Way.

The school’s athletic director, Eddie Lopez, said the team rose above the adversity it encountered this year to help unite the Moon Valley campus.

“As you are all aware, our community faced incredible adversity this year with the loss of one of our student football players,” he said. “The character that this team embodies helped pull the campus together and help the students and staff pull through this difficult event. We are so proud of these young men and everything they do for the Moon Valley community.”

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Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient:

Although Mimi Lee is very shy, she has left quite an impression on the Moon Valley campus because of her excellent culinary skills and dedication to hard work.

She serves the campus as the production lead for the cafeteria. She arrived in the United States from China, without a penny to her name or the ability to speak English. After receiving authorization to work in the United States, Mrs. Lee accepted a position as a cook in a Chinese food restaurant. After she finished working, she would visit the library to teach herself English.

“Mimi is an incredible cook and we all love to eat what she makes,” Salyer said. “Her most famous dishes are her Chinese food dishes, which makes Chinese food day the busiest day in the teachers’ lounge.”

“The best thing about Mimi is her personality. She is always smiling and friendly. She has a great sense of humor and everyone on the Moon Valley campus knows her and appreciates her. Working with her every day is a joy,” said Brad Doyle, the school’s food service manager.

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Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient:

Brandy Romero-Bruning volunteers as the vice president of the Moon Valley Parent Boosters. She has two sons who attend Moon Valley.

“You can see her working in the snack bar during athletic games or volunteering to help at a student council event,” Salyer said. “You can even see her making breakfast burritos at 6 a.m. for our seniors at their first sunrise event of the year. Whatever the event or need may be, Brandy will be there ready to work and to support our students.”

Mrs. Romero-Bruning said it is important for her to volunteer because it shows the students that there are adults who support and care about them.

“It shows our boys that I care about what goes on in their school and in their high school career,” she said. “It is important for me to be a present and constant example for our boys. I also think it is vital to show kids on campus that may not have the support they want or need, that I care about them and that I am always available.”

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