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Apollo Achievement Above All 19-20 Recipients Recognized at Annual Event
Posted on 10/17/2019
Lindsay WallsOctober 2019 – The Glendale Union High School District’s Achievement Above All events recognize a handful of individuals from each GUHSD high school that exhibit outstanding leadership and exceptional accomplishments. At each event, the GUHSD Governing Board honors one teacher, student, student group, support staff employee and volunteer for their ongoing commitment to the district and their school’s community. The first round of recipients are from Apollo High School who attended the board meeting on Oct. 16. to accept their achievement. 

Apollo Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient: Lindsay Walls

Ms. Walls is a four-year Apollo High School educator. With a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and an emphasis in science, she currently teaches Integrated Science and is heavily involved with the department where she serves as the PLC Lead.

“I very much enjoy helping my students to discover more about their world that is out of their normal everyday experience,” Walls said. “So much science is all around us if we take the time to observe it, and I also love to teach them about fun, inexpensive places they can drive to, to see amazing things in nature.”

Apart from her teaching Integrated Science in the classroom, Ms. Walls commits her time elsewhere on campus as Apollo High School’s Student Council Advisor. Apollo High School Assistant Principal of Operations and Resources Ben White said, “Lindsay is helping our student council members grow in the capacity of leaders by modeling proper communication, and organizational and interpersonal skills while engaging in a community culture to showcase school spirit and involvement.”

Apollo High School Principal Brooke Parsons also raves about Ms. Walls and how she has fully immersed herself in Apollo’s culture.

“Whether she dresses up for school spirit days to showcase her school pride, signs up for a summer workshop to enhance her instructional skills in the classroom, or invites the faculty and staff over to her house for a get together, there is no doubt that Lindsay wants what is best for the Apollo community,” said Parsons. 

Lindsay Walls and Governing Board President Patty Kennedy  Lindsay Walls

Apollo Achievement Above All Student Recipient: Tammy Vu

Tammy has shown she is a top-notch senior student on Apollo High School’s campus as she currently holds a weighted GPA of 4.8, ranking her in the top one percent of her class. During her sophomore year, Tammy also began taking classes at Glendale Community College’s ACE Plus Program. Because of this, she will have earned over 20 colleges credits upon high school graduation. 

In addition to her academic excellence, Tammy has participated in several different extracurricular activities and sports on campus including DECA, choir, musical theatre, badminton, basketball and cheer. However, she has a keen interest and strong passion for musical arts. 

Apollo High School Choir Teacher Mr. Frongillo said, “I've seen her develop from a solid beginning choir student to an exceptional choral musician with a wide array of skills. Whether it's her easily reading a difficult passage during vocal ensemble rehearsal, singing the National Anthem at football games, studying for AP classes, or supporting a friend in need, Tammy consistently demonstrates her high capacity for achievement.”

After graduation, Tammy will continue to strive for excellence and achievement as she plans to attend the University of Arizona as a premed student, and hopes to make a positive impact in the healthcare system. 

Tammy Vu and Governing Board President Andrew Pulcipher Tammy Vu

Apollo Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient: Hospitality

The Apollo High School Hospitality Program began seven years ago when the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) had only five students involved. Now, the Apollo Hospitality CTSO has over 40 students that compete in local, state and national competitions, participate in local community events, and provide assistance at events and sporting games on campus. 

Other highlights of Apollo Hospitality include several members advancing to the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) National Conference and ProStart Nationals. 

Students are able to achieve these accomplishments with the help of Apollo Hospitality Teacher and Sponsor Kristy Clarke. President of the Apollo Hospitality Club, Yamilet Lemus, expressed that Ms. Clarke pushes her out of her comfort zone, which has motivated her to learn and grow as she enters the college and career world. Lemus also mentioned that she and Apollo Hospitality have traveled to many different places and gained real-world experiences, which would not be possible without the help of Ms. Clarke.

Ms. Clarke also revealed that she is ultimately proud of the opportunities her students receive to work in events with local businesses. 

“My students get to showcase their work ethic and skills, which has resulted in new job opportunities and scholarships for my students,” Ms. Clarke said. 

Apollo Hospitality and Governing Board Member Patti Hussey Apollo Hospitality

Apollo Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient: Matt Groat

Matt Groat is a third-year employee at Apollo High School where he currently serves as the assistant foreman. As a Sunnyslope High School graduate and product of the district, Matt has strong ties to the GUHSD community. Before landing in his current role, he worked as a substitute custodian at Thunderbird High School and worked in maintenance at Greenway High School for six years. 

Matt mentioned how supportive Apollo High School Foreman, Mark Hebert, has been to him and that he is a great mentor.

Mark Hebert said, “I’ve been working with Matt for the last few years. He’s been my assistant foreman and has done a lot of great help maintaining the campus. He’s helpful with the crew and he gets along with everybody – students, teachers and administrators. We work really good together and he goes out of his way to work around campus and clean up the campus.”

In addition to his maintenance work on campus, Matt also plays a role in the Apollo High School Swim team as the head coach. As a Sunnyslope High School state champion swimmer, Matt brings expert experience and advice to the team. He credits Ben Metheny, who was his swim coach while in high school, for teaching him how to coach swim and lead a team of his own. 

Apollo High School Principal Brooke Parson also credits Matt for his hard work and helpfulness on campus in any task or activity.

“Not only are you making a difference with campus cleanliness and safety, but you are creating student athletes to be self-disciplined, competitive, and passionate while holding them accountable,” Parsons said. 

Matt Groat and Governing Board Clerk Andrew Pulcipher Matt Groat

Apollo Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient: Yanina Terry

Yanina has a record of being a selfless volunteer who wants to make a difference. She first became involved with Apollo High School after her two teens who attend the school wanted to participate in robotics. It wasn’t long after when Yanina helped Apollo High School Science Teacher Mrs. Devlin establish the FIRST Robotics Team and later took on the role as a judge. 

Yanina and Mrs. Devlin first met through the PTA at Horizon Elementary, where Yanina served as the president. While PTA president at Horizon Elementary, she helped them become involved in Lego League and was a precursor to the robotics and engineering skills necessary for high-level robotics constructions and competitions.
More recently, Yanina played a key role in earning a scholarship to assist the Apollo High School FIRST Robotics Club with funds needed for competitions, computer software and other vital materials. 

Mrs. Devlin said, “Yanina gives her time, her energy, and resources unconditionally to the schools and community. She wants to help teachers and clubs in any way she can and remains energetic and always positive.”

Yanina is also actively involved with the Apollo High School Booster Club and serves as a board member. Within the booster club, she works to be of service to anyone and anything to help better Apollo High School. 

“The Apollo community can’t thank you enough for your big heart and all that you have done and continue to do for Apollo students and staff,” Parsons said.

Yanina Terry and Governing Board Member Patti Hussey Yanina Terry

Congratulations to Apollo High School’s 2019-2020 Achievement Above All recipients!

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