Greenway Demons Take Spotlight at Annual Awards Ceremony

Governing Board Awards Greenway Achievement Above All Recipients
Posted on 12/19/2019
Governing Board President with Greenway Teacher Jose MoralesDecember 2019 – The annual Greenway High School Achievement Above All ceremony took place Wednesday, Dec. 18 to honor the teacher, student, student group, support staff member and volunteer of the year. The event served as an opportunity to highlight the recipients’ accomplishments, contributions and dedication to the Greenway High School community. The Glendale Union High School District Governing Board and Greenway High School Principal Ed Barnes were present to recognize the recipients for their achievements. 

Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient: Jose Morales

Mr. Morales has over 28 years of experience as an educator, which he has completed all at Greenway High School. His teaching skills are a result from his years of higher education. 

After graduating from Mar Vista High School, Mr. Morales earned his bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University. He later went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Education from Ottawa University and Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University. He then began his teaching career at Greenway High School where he currently teachers English, Psychology and Sociology. 

When asked what he is most passionate about regarding teaching he said, “Being a part of the nurturing and educating process and helping young minds find their own direction.”

Apart from supporting students in the classroom, Mr. Morales contributes in several clubs and athletic programs on campus. His prior coaching experience includes football and softball. He also sponsors the Greenway Key Club and continues to lead the group. You can currently find him timing at swim meets and running the scoreboard at football games. 

In his spare time, Mr. Morales enjoys golf, participating in community service and spending time with his family. 

Governing Board President Patty Kennedy and Greenway Teacher Jose Morales Greenway Teacher Jose Morales

Achievement Above All Student Recipient: Parker Fowler  

Parker Fowler is a fine example of what it means to be a top-notch student. He excels academically and in several extracurricular activities and sports that he has been involved in on campus.

Throughout his time at Greenway, he has been a member of the literacy club, link crew, National Honor Society, yearbook and student council, where he currently serves as the student body president. 

In addition, over this four years he has been involved with the cross country team, tennis, track and field, and every winter he serves as the manager for the girls basketball team. 

Some awards and honors he has received are the AP Scholar Award, Outstanding Freshman and Senior Awards, Rotary Student of the Month, All Region Runner for three years in a row and athlete of the month.

Greenway High School Coach Scott Giddings acknowledged Parker for his success on and off the field. 

“Parker is one of those very special student athletes who can excel in the classroom, lead a student body and participate in a multitude of activities,” Giddings said. “He has also proven himself on the athletic field. He has experienced many successes in cross country and track from his dedication, hours of training, mental toughness, and love of competition.”

In regards to his experience at Greenway, Parker said, “This campus raised me. From the excellent teachers to the facilities, Greenway has left me with countless memories.”

After graduation, Parker plans to attend college out of state to study political science and eventually earn a law degree.

Governing Board Member Pam Reicks and Greenway Student Parker Fowler Greenway Student Parker Fowler

Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient: Greenway Broadcasting Company (GBC)  

The Greenway Broadcasting Company (GBC), led by Erik Johnson, is in its 11th year together. With 68 members and growing, GBC participates in several activities around campus. 

Their key activities include running student announcements, collecting footage of athletic events and school performances, and creating comical PSAs, short films, movie trailer spin-offs and commercials. 

They also contribute by making promotional videos for important events, graduation videos and creating videos for the counseling department and school administration. 

Together, GBC has participated in competitions and has won several awards including 55 GUHSD Film Festival awards, one Skills USA State Championship in video production, two silver medals for broadcasting, and two bronze medals for digital cinema productions. 

The group’s goal is to continue to increase the quality of their broadcasts by making GBC ‘must see TV’. 

GBC Senior Leader Daisy Tanner said, “We strive for our program to be considered ‘must see TV’, so we try to not only inform students and staff, but to entertain them and hold their attention.” She added, “The bottom line is, we try to make it fun entertainment for everyone.”

Governing Board Member Pam Reicks and Greenway Broadcasting Company Greenway Broadcasting Company

Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient: Yurina Cortes  

Before beginning her journey with GUHSD, Yurina attended high school and college in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Quality and Production Engineering. 

She has now worked for GUHSD for 15 years, starting as a cafeteria assistant at Thunderbird High School in 2004 before moving to Greenway in 2007, where she took the position of student coordinator lead. In 2008, she landed in her current role as cafeteria supervisor. 
Yurina oversees cafeteria breakfast and lunch services for students and staff to enjoy. In addition to running the cafeteria services, she also cooks nutritious meals, keeps the kitchen organized and even serves alongside her colleagues.  

In regards to her current position, Yurina mentioned that she likes her role and being involved with everyone on campus.

“I have learned and enjoyed my job a lot,” Cortes said. “I enjoy being with the kids, I enjoy being with my colleagues, and I enjoy joking around with the teachers.”

Outside of work, some of Yurina’s interests include traveling, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sharing quality time with her family.

Governing Board Member Patti Hussey and Greenway Support Staff Employee Yurina Cortes Greenway Support Staff Employee Yurina Cortes

Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient: Megan Tanner   

Megan contributes her time at Greenway High School by volunteering with the speech and debate team. Her volunteer efforts revolve around supporting the team members and judging speech events during tournaments. 

She first became involved with the team when she volunteered for the first time during her daughter’s sophomore year. From that point on, she has been Greenway Speech and Debate Coach Kristen Taglia’s go to partner. 

“Not only does she volunteer for just about every tournament, but she helps with the team,” Taglia said. “The kids know her and she is a positive influence on them, as well. She is their cheerleader at competitions, and she is known in the speech and debate community as being a great judge who is dependable, and can be relied upon to provide great feedback to students.”

Megan also explained why volunteering with Greenway Speech and Debate is important to her. 

“After my first tournament I realized that not only did volunteering to help with the speech and debate club provide me with an opportunity to try something new, gain new experiences, and develop a new skill set, but I was helping to provide meaningful feedback to the students,” Tanner said.

Her favorite experience while volunteering was from a state tournament in Flagstaff, although she boasts that every tournament is special to her. 

“Every tournament has been an amazing experience for me because watching kids who will become our future leaders perform originally arranged pieces and originally written pieces, it really restores my sense of faith in our future and future leaders,” Tanner said.

Governing Board Member Susan Maland and Greenway Volunteer Megan Tanner Greenway Volunteer Megan Tanner

Congratulations to Greenway High School’s 2019-2020 Achievement Above All recipients!

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