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Updated March 12, 2021

GUHSD Returning to Campus - In-Person Learning FAQ’s

The answers to the following questions were gathered from the following resources:
GUHSD Mitigation Plan
GUHSD Learning Models
Reopening Dashboard & Guidance & AZDHS

Posted August 7, 2020
Updated October 2, 2020


Remote Learning- Classes taught by GUHSD teachers during the school closure. Students learn remotely from home, following the block schedule. Remote Learning from home begins AUGUST 10.

Hybrid Learning-The hybrid learning approach would involve students being assigned to an A or B group. Half the students (Group A) would be at school and the other half (Group B) would be learning remotely from home.

This model would allow students to be in classrooms while still adhering to current social distancing guidelines. Wednesdays are scheduled for remote learning from home for all students. The shortened class periods on Wednesday would be focused on support for students as well as enrichment activities/assignments.

The A and B groups would alternate being on campus and learning from home Monday through Friday. Group A would be on campus Mondays and Thursdays as Group B learns remotely from home. Group B would be on campus Tuesdays and Fridays as Group A learns remotely from home.

Full-Time, In-Person Learning-When safe to return, all students are back on campus learning in classrooms.

GUHSD Online Learning-full time students taking courses 100% virtual even when schools resume in person.

Questions & Answers


Q: When will school via remote learning begin?

A: GUHSD schools will begin remotely from home on August 10, 2020.

Q: What schedule will we be using beginning August 10?

A: GUHSD schools will be using a block schedule for the 2020-2021 school year (see here).

Scheduling Committee Recommendations 

Q: I missed the modified walk through registration process. What should I do?

A: Please contact your school with questions regarding registration and schedules.

Q: I have already enrolled at my school. Do I need to re enroll or register for the 2020-2021 school year?

A: You do not need to enroll or register online if you have already completed the enrollment form for one of our schools. If you are not receiving regular communication from the district and/or your school, contact your school for enrollment verification.

Q: Will food service continue during remote learning?

A: Yes, GUHSD will continue their food service operation. More information regarding GUHSD’s meal service, including free and reduced applications, can be found here.

Q: How are Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment classes going to work with the block schedule?

A: All Advanced Placement Classes will be held during one semester and will focus on the essential learning of the course. Students taking the AP course first semester will have the option of accessing review materials in preparing for the exam. Students who have an AP course during second semester will have the option of accessing resources available in preparing for the course and the exam, In both scenarios, review and support opportunities are provided to the students.

Dual Enrollment courses should see very little changes. GUHSD teachers will need to cover the required core competencies and assignments/assessment(s) required by the college. Teachers design instruction around the essential learning for the course. Maricopa Community College District has committed to accepting dual enrollment courses within all modalities (online, hybrid or in person or combinations of these).

Q: Will students still be tested in the summer or will AP classes be administered at the end of each semester?

Advanced Placement testing is currently scheduled for May 3rd through May 14th.

Q: What resources will be in place for students with IEP’s?

A: All students with an IEP will be provided the supports and services per their IEP in the virtual setting as they would in brick and mortar. All students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) are assigned a case manager/special education teacher who is responsible to ensure all IEP goals and services are provided as an offer of free appropriate public education (FAPE). If the special education goals and services as written in the IEP, cannot be met in the virtual setting, the IEP team shall meet to review the IEP, or provide in person services that align with the current IEP. If in person services are needed all CDC guidelines and PPE will be utilized during the school day.

Q: What will my student’s services look like?

Special education teachers will either be teaching special education courses in his/her virtual classroom or they will be working collaboratively within the general education virtual classroom as a co-teacher. Specially Designed Instruction to meet the annual IEP goals will be accomplished primarily in these settings. Students who receive special education services may have schedule changes due to the move to a block schedule. If parents are concerned with how their student’s special education services will be implemented in this new environment, they are encouraged to communicate those concerns to the case manager.

Q: Will 504 accommodations still be met using the remote learning model?

A: Accommodations will be provided in the virtual setting as needed. Students and teachers shall work together to evaluate accommodations on the 504 plan for the effectiveness of the needed accommodation for the student in the virtual setting. If new accommodations are discovered, the student’s 504 team will gather to review and add such accommodations to the student’s 504 plan. Accommodations that are dependent on a physical classroom will not be used until the student is back to in person learning.

Q: How will English Learners (EL) be supported during this time?

A: EL students will be provided with additional support and there is a possibility that there could be some adjusted schedules in order to accommodate the needs of all our students. EL students will be supported with a curriculum that meets their individual language needs as determined by the AZELLA test. This includes optional support classes that prepare students for their mainstream math, history and science classes by pre-teaching vocabulary, major themes and necessary background information.be made available to teachers in Canvas. First year teachers took this learning module during their first year teacher workshops.

Q: How will students be supported socially and emotionally during this time?

A: Whether in person or remotely, the social worker on each of our campuses will be available to provide social-emotional support to students. (More information is located here.)


Q: When will the district begin using the Hybrid A/B model?

A: GUHSD will continue learning remotely from home until it is safe to move into the Hybrid A/B Model. Decisions will be guided by the task force recommendations.

*Parents will receive direct communication from the district before students move to the Hybrid A/B Model.

Reopening Task Force Recommendations

Q: How will students know which A/B group they are assigned to during the Hybrid Learning Model?

A: Students will be notified and provided the information when we decide to move into the Hybrid Learning Model.

Q: Will the student schedule vary when moving from remote to the Hybrid A/B Model?

A: No. Our schools will continue using the same block schedule students will be using during remote learning from home.

Q: What safety measures will be in place once students begin returning to class at their school?

A: There are numerous health and safety protocols GUHSD schools will be following once students are allowed to return to campus. These protocols will include:

o Regular announcements and messaging about hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette

o Stay at home with feeling ill or exposure to COVID-19 announcements

o Consistent, districtwide requirement for all faculty, staff, students and visitors to wear masks/face shields while on campus

o That all faculty, staff, students and visitors use appropriate social distancing while on campus

o A districtwide commitment to high standards of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing

o Procedures to limit the sharing of items between students

o A plan for student safety while on buses

Reopening Task Force Recommendations

Q: Will students be required to wear a mask upon their return to school?

A: Yes. GUHSD will continue following local, state, and national health guidelines and will require everyone to wear a face covering when school reopens.

Q: Will transportation resume once students begin returning to school?

A: Yes. Bus routes will begin once school reopens. More information regarding routes and safety measures that will be implemented is forthcoming.

Q: If I choose not to return to school in-person, how do I sign up to be online the entire school year?

A: For families and students who choose to learn remotely for the semester, or even the entire school year, a full online option is available. Please contact your home school for more information.

Q: I have a question that was not included in the FAQ’s. Who do I contact to answer my question?

A: Detailed information will continue to be provided as COVID-19 evolves. Please contact your school for questions needing immediate attention.