Why Learn Online?

  • The GUHSD state-of-the-art online learning facility offers options and choices for students. A lab model, where certified teachers from each content area are available to assist students full-time, is one option. A drop-in model, where students can work primarily from home but may visit the Academy when assistance is needed, is a second option. Lastly, students can attend full-time from home and receive online assistance from certified teachers. No matter which model students choose, they will receive an award-winning, comprehensive GUHSD education.

    Self-Paced: We all learn at different speeds; learn at the pace that’s right for you.

    Teacher Facilitated: Teachers are available to support and assist you when you have questions or need further instruction.

    Flexible & Convenient: The Online Learning Academy goes where you are and with your schedule.

    Vast Course Selection: A large catalog of accredited classes and electives to round out your educational experience.