Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation requirements for current students are set forth below. One (1) unit of credit is given for all full year (two semesters) subjects successfully completed except teacher assistant assignments, which carry 1/2 unit of credit per year. Twenty-two total credits are required for the Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD).

    To graduate from the GUHSD, a student must earn the required number of course credits AND pass the Arizona state civics exam. Students are eligible to participate in District sponsored graduation ceremonies only if they have successfully met all of the graduation requirements established by the Governing Board.


    The GUHSD diploma is designed to satisfy the graduation requirements established by the State Board of Education and those of the GUHSD Governing Board, and provides students with a strong foundation for success in adult life. Meeting these requirements will result in a high school diploma, but may not satisfy all requirements for acceptance into a college or university.


    The Standard Diploma requires a student to earn twenty-two (22) total credits. The student and the student’s parents are encouraged to check the admission requirements of any college or university the student wishes to attend. Specific courses that satisfy requirements for the GUHSD Standard Diploma are as follows:

    4 Credits of Language Arts that must include:
    1 Credit of English 1-2
    1 Credit of English 3-4
    1 Credit of English 5-6*
    1 Credit of English 7-8*
    *Or the approved English Language Learner sequence
    4 Credits of Mathematics
    1 Credit of Algebra I* to be taken during the freshman year
    1 Credit of Geometry* to be taken following successful completion of Algebra I
    1 Credit of Algebra II or equivalent *
    1 Additional credit of Mathematics

    *Required of all students unless approved to move into a higher-level Math
    3 Credits of Science (one credit of which must be a Lab Science)
    1 Credit Integrated Science *
    1 Credit Biology*
    1 Additional Credit of Science

     *Required of all students unless approved to move into a higher-level Science
    3 Credits of Social Studies that must include:
    1 Credit of World History and Geography/Arizona Geography
    1 Credit of United States/Arizona History
    1/2 Credit of United States Government/Arizona Government
    1/2 Credit of Economics
    1 Credit of Fine Arts (Performing/Visual Arts) or Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    This requirement can be satisfied by successfully completing two semesters (1/2 credit each) to be selected from the approved list of District courses which fulfill the state graduation requirements for Fine Arts (Performing/Visual Arts) or CTE.

    1 Credit of Physical Education
    6 Elective credits to be selected from the course offerings approved by this District


Course Offerings

  • English
    English 1-2
    English 3-4
    English 5-6
    English 7-8

    Algebra I Semesters 1-2
    Geometry 1-2
    Algebra II Semesters 1-2
    Personal Finance 1-2
    College Algebra 1-2

    Integrated Science 1-2
    Biology 1-2
    Chemistry 1-2
    Human Science
    Environmental Science
    Honors Physics 1-2

    Social Studies

    World History 1-2
    US/AZ History/Geography 1-2
    US/AZ Government

    Physical Education
    PE 1-2

    Spanish 1-4
    Personal Development
    Digital Photography 
    Short Stories
    Creative Writing
    Business Ops and Software
    Music Appreciation 
    Bioscience 1-2
    Child Development
    World War II
    Health & Wellness