Achievement Above All - Cortez High School

Achievement Above All - Cortez High School
teacher pic

teacher pic
Governing Board member Ian Hugh presenting Kathy Trice her AAA award.

Teacher- Kathy Trice

The Cortez faculty has chosen to honor one of their colleagues for the Cortez High School’s Achievement Above All Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Trice.

Kathy graduated from Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona. Her teaching experiences range from Physical Education and Health to her current assignment of Dance.  The students are drawn to her dance class like a magnet, both Boys and girls alike.

She loves choreographing dance and sewing costumes to create outstanding performances for our students, parents, faculty, staff and community. 

Kathy says, “Teaching at Cortez High School has made me a better person and teacher.  The experience has been fulfilling and rewarding to me personally.  I can’t imagine myself teaching anywhere else.”  Kathy is a true Colt and provides a high quality experience for all the students she touches.

Support staff pic

support staff pic
Governing Board member Kevin Clayborn presenting Chryss (in the purple) and Thalia (in the black) their AAA award.

Support Staff- Chryss Danielek and Thalia Zorbas

This year’s Achievement Above All Support Staff recipients are Chryss Danielek and Thalia Zorbas. Chryss and Thalia have been working as Title I Instructional Aides at Cortez for 12 years and 11 years, respectively.

Chryss graduated from Camelback High School receiving her BA from ASU with majors in Language Arts and Reading.  She is certified in Library Science, and as a reading specialist with a K-12 endorsement.  She spent 10 years as an English and Reading teacher at Moon Valley and Thunderbird, then followed that with 12 years as a Title I Instructional Aide at Cortez.  Her goals are to learn better techniques for helping ELL and Special Education students in the classroom.

Thalia also graduated from Camelback High School and earned her BA from ASU. She has been a Cortez Title 1 Aide for the past 11 years. She plans on working until she reaches Medicare age.  She loves reading, visiting and helping homebound relatives.  She also received the 8th grade citizenship award and a four year scholarship to ASU.  She said, “I love my job.”

boys soccer pic

boys soccer pic
Governing Board member Pam Reicks presenting the boys soccer team their AAA award.

Student Group- Boys Soccer

The Cortez High School Boys Varsity Soccer Team, coached by Jose Corona and Antonio Vazquez, is this year's student group award recipient.  The group’s purpose is to promote a healthy way of life for today’s young people.  Soccer also provides a way to meet new friends and build a belief that they can accomplish anything in life.  They also build and model good character for others to emulate.

The team has had many accomplishments over the past several years.  Last year, they finished second place in the 4-A II State Tournament, placed 3rd in the Moon Valley Tournament and has made it into the state tournament for the past six consecutive years.

The team’s future goals and plans are to create good citizens, continue to have high expectations and to help players move to the college level for academics and athletics.

student pic

student pic

student pic
Governing Board member Donna Stout presenting Alexa Kirkpatrick her AAA award.

Student- Alexa Kirkpatrick

The faculty selected this year’s Achievement Above All Student recipient- Miss Alexa Kirkpatrick.

Alexa exemplifies all that the Achievement Above All stands for.  She is in the top 2% of her class, and has been actively involved in clubs and sports since she set foot on Cortez’s campus.  She has played Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Cross Country, along with being involved in Student Council and National Honor Society.  While being this busy, she still places working hard in school as her one of her main priorities.

Alexa has won many awards and has been involved with leadership opportunities during her tenure at Cortez. The year 2009 has brought many awards to Alexa including the Elks Student of the Year award, the Daughters of the American Revolution for excellence in history, and the Cortez Athlete of the Year award.  She is the Student Body President on the Cortez campus and displays her leadership skills on a daily basis.