Achievement Above All - Thunderbird High School

Achievement Above All - Thunderbird High School

Teacher of The Year – Brian Davis

brian and principal
Thunderbird Principal Matt Belden introducing Teacher of The Year Brian Davis.

brian davis
Brian Davis thanking the governing board.

brian davis
Governing Board member Ian Hugh presenting Brian with his award.

Mr. Davis graduated from Greenway High School in 1999 and from Northern Arizona University in 2005.  He completed his student teaching at Washington High School and was then hired by Thunderbird.  He currently teaches Business Fundamentals, Marketing, and Advanced Marketing and is the DECA sponsor.  In 2006-2007 DECA was honored as the Achievement Above All student group under the direction of Mr. Davis.  Also in 2006-2007 Mr. Davis was honored as the Arizona Marketing New Educator of the Year. In 2009, Mr. Davis’ program was named the ACTE Western States Innovative Program of the year.

Mr. Davis is a very active member of the CTE department, helping to refine curriculum, develop assessments, and improve technology.  On our local campus Mr. Davis helped develop a smartboard training class, he is a technology guru, and is always willing to volunteer himself or his students to help with any project.

Ms. Condor, Dance teacher at Thunderbird High School says this about Mr. Davis:

Mr. Davis is a true addition to this campus. He is a hard worker but still always has time to be thoughtful.  For example He shares his ideas, info and smoothies. His students love him because they can tell he gives it his all, all the time!

Student of The Year – Andy Pellistri

andy pellistri and principal
Thunderbird Principal Matt Belden introducing Student of The Year Andy Pellistri.

Andy thanking the Governing Board.

andy and vicki johnson
Governing Board member Vicki Johnson presenting Andy with his award.

Andy attended Esperanza and Lookout Mountain Elementary Schools, Mountain Sky Junior High, and is finishing his senior year at Thunderbird High School.

At school Andy is very busy with school-work, clubs, sports, and activities.  He has played football, soccer, baseball, been in ROTC, STUGO and served on many other clubs.  Outside of school he enjoys playing rugby, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and lifting weights.  He has volunteered countless hours for the American Cancer Society, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, United Blood Services, and Team Saulo. 

Andy is in the process of being accepted to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis or the United States Military Academy at West Point.  His goal is to become a Navy Seal or Army Ranger and make officer in the Navy or Army special operations. 

Mr. Parker has this to say:

Virtuous, polite, and appropriately proud, Andy represents and serves every organization with which he is associated with class and honor.  Few high school students fulfill the "student/athlete" label as well as Andy Pellistri.  He recognizes the inherent priority structure in this label while providing his best effort in all endeavors.  Unfailingly polite, kind, considerate, and respectful, Andy has been a joy to coach and teach - a visible, active, and positive ambassador for Thunderbird High School.

Support Staff of The Year – Tess Dellisanti

tess and principal
Thunderbird Principal Matt Belden introducing Support Staff of The Year Tess Dellisanti.

Tess thanking the Governing Board.

tess and donna
Governing Board member Donna Stout presenting Tess with her award.

Tess loves to read, watch movies, snorkel, and walk on the beach.

Ms. Dellisanti graduated from Casa Grande High School and completed two years at Mesa Community College.  After leaving college she entered the workforce as a bank teller at Mera-Bank.  Over her 12 year career in banking she worked her way from a teller to a branch manager. Thankfully she decided to leave the banking business and enter the field of education.

Tess was hired in the spring of 1997 as a Vocational Education Aide at Thunderbird High School.  She transferred in the fall of 1997 to Greenway as a clerical aide and Counseling Program Assistant.  When the receptionist position opened at Greenway she transferred and stayed in that position until 2007.  In the fall of 2007 she transferred back to Thunderbird High School as a receptionist and quickly transferred to become the administrative assistant to the principal.

Ms. Willis offered these kind words about Tess:

You can always count on Tess to make you laugh when you need to or to help you through any tough situation.  She has a knack for knowing when someone needs her to simply listen and when someone needs advice.  No matter how you feel when you walk into her office you always walk out smiling, giggling, and sometimes wondering what just happened.

Mr. Parker states:

Tess is the rare individual who can help us all take our work seriously but never take ourselves too seriously.

Student Group of The Year – Student Council

student council
Thunerbird Principal Matt Belden introducing Student Group of The Year the Student Council.

student council
Student Council member thanking the Governing Board.

student council
Student Council member thanking the Governing board with Sponser Melissa Francis to the left.

student council
Governing Board member Pam Reicks presenting Melissa Francis and the Student Council their award.

Student council promotes leadership skills in students by performing service projects, planning school functions, and fundraising activities.  Student council is responsible for and participates in assemblies, dances, lunchtime activities, homecoming week which includes float building and a parade, dodge ball tournament, powder-puff football, blood drives, international pen-pals, and various community service projects.

Student Council received a Gold award from the united blood services during the 2008-2009 school year.  This year they have worked very hard to create school spirit.  The assemblies they have had this year have been the best ever.  Spirit weeks have more student participation than ever and they have introduced the spirit belt.  The spirit belt is given to the student who shows the most spirit.

Student council plans to continue building leadership skills, school spirit, and community pride.