GUHSD Recognized for Financial Reporting

GUHSD Recognized for Financial Reporting

May 2010 - John Fung, Executive Director of the the Arizona Association of School Business Officials presented Kevin Clayborn and the Glendale Union High School District the Association of School Business Officials International Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. He recognized the district's outstanding record in that this is the 20th consecutive year the district has received this award.

The Certificate of Excellence (COE) program's mission is to encourage and recognize excellence in the preparation and issuance of school system’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR). The CAFR is a report that tells the financial story of the school system through narrative, financial statements, and chart/graphs. The CAFR enables school business officials to educate the school board and the public about the status of a school system's finances.

Preparing and presenting a CAFR validates the credibility of the school system's operations, measures the integrity and technical competence of the business staff, assists in strengthening presentations for bond issuance statements, and provides professional recognition.

Receiving the Certificate of Excellence Award gives a superintendent and school board confidence about their school system and its business management staff. Receiving the award has also meant stronger investor confidence and a positive impact on debt issuance for many school systems.

Mr. Fung 
Mr. Fung presenting the Governing Board the award.

Lou Wiegand, Director of Business, Kevin Clayborn, Governing Board President and Gene Dudo, Administrator of Finance.