Achievement Above All - Glendale High School

Achievement Above All - Glendale High School

Teacher of The Year- Vanessa Bernal 

Vanessa is a Tucson transplant, thus the southern compass point, where she graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Theater Education.  She taught one year at Orange Grove Middle School in Tucson before joining Glendale in 2004.  For six years now, she has been the theater teacher at Glendale, but she never left her English roots.  Every summer, she spends time in the English grading sessions learning new ways to help her students be successful in their writing assignments. 

With the help of Richard Randolph, she has trained the upperclassmen to not only be mentors to the freshmen, she also has trained them to be teachers presenting lessons on goal setting, time management and school involvement.  Richard says this about Vanessa.  “Vanessa is an outstanding teacher and model for students and colleagues alike.  She has gained the respect of her colleagues with the ability to help her students present professional theater productions year in and year out.  Her students step up every time because they respect Vanessa and trust her enough to follow her lead.  The same applies to her colleagues who are willing to step up themselves and put their crazy activities in the Improv Show each year.” 

Deborah and Vanessa
Glendale High School Principal Deborah Jordan introducing teacher of the year Vanessa Bernal.

Vanessa Bernal Speech
Vanessa Bernal thanking the Governing Board.

Governing Board member Pam Reicks presenting Vanessa Bernal her AAA award.

Student of The Year- Sara Patterson

When there is an event or activity on campus, you will see Sara either being a part of the organization or working the event; her name is not just on the roster.  Included in her activities are Varsity Basketball, National Honor Society, Math Club, Math Honor Society, SADD, Interact, History Club, Art Club, Link Crew, and she has been a part of the new Writing Center on campus.  When she has the time, she loves bowling, watching sports, drawing and spending time with her family. She has the absolute perfect transcript, with a 4.0 average; making her number 1 in the senior class.  She has taken every honors class available each year.  On top of all she does at school, she also works at the Manistee Ranch where she is putting together a photo collection of the City of Glendale, and she sets up weddings at Sahuaro Ranch Park. Sara’s teachers say this about Sara, “Sara is an unbelievable young lady.  She works hard in all of her honors classes.  She is friendly and respectful and is willing to help anyone and everyone so that Glendale will continue to improve and achieve.  She is a delightful and humble young lady.”

Sara’s future plans are to go into the medical field.

Sara Patterson
Glendale Principal Deborah Jordan introducing student Sara Patterson.

Sara speech
Sara Patterson thanking the Governing Board Members.

Sara award
Governing Board member Ian Hugh presenting Sara Patterson her AAA award.

Student Group of The Year- Theater

More than 90 students are part of the Theater troupe which includes both on stage performers and backstage technicians.  Each year, they produce 2 main stage productions, the yearly Improv show that involves faculty and staff, a Children’s show that is presented to the neighborhood elementary schools, and one act plays.  Their One Act Play qualified for the State One Act Festival last year.  They have also been granted “Honor Troupe” status by the State Thespian Board.  They have 2 National Honor Thespians and 20 International Thespian Troupe Members.  Many of the troupe members are actively involved in other clubs and organizations on campus. 

Theater group
Glendale Principal Deborah Jordan introducing the theater group sponsored by Vanessa Bernal.

theater award
Governing Board member Kevin Clayborn presenting the theater group their AAA award.

Support Staff of The Year- Tamara Lazenby

Tammy joined Glendale 10 years ago as an ELL paraprofessional.  A year and a half ago, Tammy became the lead ELL paraprofessional taking the responsibility of organizing, supervising, and administering the annual testing of hundreds of ELL students, the largest population in our district.  She is the front-line when it comes to keeping Glendale in compliance with the state’s ELL model and required documentation.  This is all in addition to the time and work she invests in class every day in helping our ELL students achieve all they can.  She is well versed on a variety of subjects, from the persuasive essay to chemical equations.

Jon Vreeken, one of Tammy’s former teacher/partner in the classroom says the following about Tammy.  “Helping students is and always has been Tammy’s number one priority.  She can often be seen sitting with students at the reading table, before and after school, giving students still struggling to master English, that extra help they need.  She is a master at finding ways to explain difficult and abstract material in ways that English Language Learners will be successful.

Outside of school, Tammy loves to read and watch sports and hopes to retire after winning the Powerball!  For Tammy, winning the Powerball will not replace the joy she has when she works with students.

Tamara Lazenby
Glendale Principal Deborah Jordan introducing support staff of the year Tamara Lazenby.

Tamara speech
Tamara Lazenby thanking the Governing Board.

Tamara Speech

Tamara Award
Governing Board member Donna Stout presenting Tamara Lazenby her AAA award.