MealpayPlus Now Available

MealpayPlus Now Available

As we wrap-up the 2009-2010 school year, we are pleased to inform you that our Food Service Department has begun to offer MealpayPlus, a state-of-the-art online prepayment service for children's meals. Our district has made a progressive leap toward providing convenience to our parents and staff members through the use of this system, and hope that you will assist us in informing your school community of what we have made available to them.

As you may already be aware, this system allows parents to go online to to make payments to their student's account using a check, credit card, or debit card. Some features of this system are that it allows parents to view balances, set up low balance email reminders, make payments, and to monitor food choices and meal purchasing decisions. This tool has been an invaluable one and allows our district to partner with parents to effectively open the dialogue regarding smart nutritional choices.

Increasing parent usage has several benefits for our district as well, including:

  • As more parents prepay, serving lines are faster and students have more time to eat.
  • Stronger relationships are built with the families that we serve, as they appreciate the information and convenience MealpayPlus provides.

As we focus on increasing usage for the next school year, we encourage you to assist us in spreading the word throughout your community.

Families have been thrilled with the availability of this service thus far, and we hope that even more parents will learn of MealpayPlus in the future. We consistently strive to find new and better ways to serve our students and families.

Click here to view a flyer with more information.