Volunteers of The Year

Volunteers of The Year


Apollo High School – Merrit Norling

Merrit is involved in the following activities:

#1—the Booster Club.  Merrit does a lot for the Booster Club.  She is the idea person and the organizer.  She coordinates all the workers for the snack bar, purchases food and supplies, regularly communicates through e-mail with all the members, manages money, designs and orders T shirts, sweats, all the Booster Club items.  Anything that the Booster Club does, Merrit runs or participates in.

#2—Swim Team.  In addition to the Booster Club, Merrit is an avid supporter of the Swim Team.  Both of Merrit’s children are on the swim team, so she jumped in to volunteer whenever and wherever needed.  She took over the snack bar for all home swim meets, organized the banquet, and is the master fund raiser.  Jillian Eddings, the swim coach said, “I don’t know what I would have done without Merrit.  She is a lifesaver.   I’ve learned a lot from her.  Plus, she really has my back.  We should just give her a cot.” 

#3  Band.  She is the ultimate band parent.  Just like with Swim Team, Merrit supports the band and flag line helping with everything and giving sage advice. 

#4  Site Council and Title I School Wide Planning Committee.  In addition to everything else Merrit does, she is a key member of the Apollo site council and the Title I School Wide Planning committee.  Merrit takes off work to participate in the Title I meetings and always has fabulous ideas to suggest and wisdom that aids in decision-making.

#5—Her presence and support—With all that she does, Merrit finds the time to do thoughtful, creative things for staff members.  She is involved in scrapbooking and does amazing albums.  Toni Cook remembers the centerpiece Merrit made for her with all kinds of blue and gold memorabilia.  On Amanda McAdams’ birthday, Merrit brought in a crown that Amanda wore during a meeting.

We so appreciate all that you do for us, Merrit.  You are an amazing volunteer, a master fund raiser, and an all around fantastic supporter for the Apollo community.


Cortez High School – Maryanne Radtke

Her husband Doug and her son Bill Radtke were there in honor of Maryanne. Maryanne passed away in the fall of this year and everyone said she was the parent that will receive the Volunteer of the year award for Cortez High School.  Maryanne was the type of person that would not say “No” she was involved with many things at Cortez.  She was a parent representative on our School Council and never missed a meeting.  Usually that was because she was already on campus setting up the PAC snack bar for that nights’ event.  She worked and organized many of the PAC projects and activities. 

Lynette Cook our PAC president had this to say about Maryanne - Saturday mornings would be "Sam's Club" day for the Radtke family. Off they would go to buy the items needed to stock the snack bars. She always said Bill would lift the water & Gatorade if he didn't have football practice as, "why else have a big kid like that".  They would bring everything back and stock the snack bars and warehouse, never complaining one time that every Saturday morning was taken up with this chore. Always glad to do it and smiling while telling of her adventure.

Maryanne was the type of person that turned down the offer to be presented this award for the past two years.  She always said “no that needs to go to a parent of a senior student”.  Well this year her son Bill is a senior and I hope Bill and Doug will accept this award on her behalf of Maryanne.  She was a great part of the Cortez community that will never be forgotten.


Glendale High School – Stella Vasquez

Stella was an active part of the Glendale Booster Club for 7 years. She served as President and as Treasurer. Stella also spent many hours stocking and running the snack bar. She organized three very successful car shows, reinstituted scholarships for our students, and supports breakfast for the students who go to region play offs. Stella is always willing and ready to support any activity at school including Open House and Future Freshman Night. Her last child graduated this year.  We thank her for all she has done for Glendale and hope that she does not become a stranger.


Greenway High School – Ed Naujokaitis

Ed has been the photographer for Greenway Athletics for several years.  Although his children have already graduated from Greenway:  Jim in 2007 and Lisa in 2009,  Ed continues to take both team and action photos for football, wrestling, baseball, track, volleyball and swimming, and he often attends away events in order to capture special and exciting athletic performances exhibited by our athletes.   He uses his own camera equipment and places all of the pictures on CD’s for the coaches, who then have the opportunity to upload these memorable moments to our website.  This year Ed put together a special project and made individual CD photo albums for all of the senior football players.  For all of the many pictorial memories that he has created for our athletes and for our school, Ed Naujokaitis is well deserving of this Volunteer of The Year Award.

Independence High School – Debbie Hardy

Debbie has been an officer in the I.B.C. for seven years, and as best we can put together, she has been a member of the I.B.C. for 14 to 15 years.  Debbie was a member of the booster club when Mr. Clayborn was a member too, so she has been a long time friend of Independence.   Debbie is responsible for organizing fundraisers, and keeping track of the funds for several events on our campus.  She supports the Junior class in their efforts to raise money for prom, and she has helped the senior class with a need for extra funds they had last year.  Debbie also makes it possible to celebrate teachers by using some of the funds they raise to recognize teacher appreciation week.  Debbie helps by bringing treats to the teachers during their lunch.  Debbie and the I.B.C. have raised enough money for three seniors to receive scholarships this year as well.  Debbie does all of these wonderful things for Independence after she spends all day working as an educational assistant in a kindergarten class!

wade and christine 

Moon Valley High School – Wade and Christine Price

This year we would like to recognize Wade & Christine Price for their service with the MVHS Rocket Boosters.

Rocket Boosters serves the following purpose:  Parents, coaches, teachers and administration working together always striving to improve academics, athletics, fine arts and school spirit within the Moon Valley High School community.

This past year, Wade Price had served as president; he has worked tirelessly to increase the impact of our booster club.  Mrs. Price is also very involved and serves as the treasurer. Together Mr. & Mrs. Price have led the all Parent Booster activities this year.  The impact of Wade & Christine has been felt throughout our campus. As you have already seen this evening, the Moon Valley Rocket Boosters has awarded scholarships to several deserving students. Other areas of emphasis this year include the following:

1.      Running the concession at football games along with the sponsor group.

2.      Donations to specific clubs & sports.

3.      Increased membership numbers.

4.      Improved information provided to parents through the website.

5.      Grant writing and sponsorship hunting

6.      Running the team shop at football games.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Price, for all the hours of service and for the positive impact and new direction of the Rocket Boosters on our campus.


Sunnyslope High School – Kathy Nunn

Kathy’s years of dedication to serving Sunnyslope has affected the lives of countless young people and made the lives of teachers and administrators much easier. 

With the Viking Parent Club she as been:

  • A volunteer since 2005
  • Co-pres. for 2008-09. 
  • For the 3rd year in a row she has headed up VPC’s Grad Night Party.
  • The Chair of product sales ---attending all football and basketball games.
  • The Co-chair of VPC’s faculty Holiday Luncheon. 
  • She helps with the Homecoming Tailgate parties.

Additionally, she initiated the tradition of team dinners for Slope boys’ basketball and continues to decorate for these dinners.

Also, for the last 5 years, Kathy has helped with registration---and I don’t know what we’d do without her help. She has donated books, markers, etc to classrooms…and is always on the lookout for any other way to exhibit support of our teachers. When redistricting became an issue, Kathy served on the Wash. Elem School Distr. Redistricting Task Force (representing the Sunnyslope neighborhood) and worked in opposition to school district unification. As you can see, Kathy has become the “go to” person for both our Viking Parents Club and for us.

Finally, during the last week of February we were lucky enough to add Kathy to our staff as a Title 1 aide, she assists in Algebra 1-2; World His; and English 1-2,  and her positive influence on our school culture is being felt in an even more dramatic way. In her spare time, Kathy loves to teach, to snow ski, and to vacation on the beaches of San Diego.

The whole community of Sunnyslope High School is proud to honor Mrs. Kathy Nunn. 


Thunderbird High School – Debbie Sloan

Ms. Sloan has been active in the Chief Parent Association since August of 2003.  Ms. Sloan quickly moved from being an active member in her first year to Co-President in her second year.  She was Co-President from the 2004-2008 school year.  In 2008-2009 she remained in an official leadership position as the secretary.  During the 2009-2010 school year she moved out of an official leadership position, making way for parents with younger children to become more active.

 Although Ms. Sloan stepped out of an official leadership position for the 2009-2010 school years, Ms. Sloan remained very active during her daughter’s senior year.  Debbie was the liaison between the school and the CPA for honors and awards.  Ms. Sloan worked with the counseling department to make sure that awards and trophies were purchased for each recipient.

The most significant accomplishment Ms. Sloan was instrumental in is the Annual CPA Golf Tournament.  In 2003, as a freshman parent, Ms. Sloan co-chaired the first annual THS Golf Classic and she has co-chaired or chaired every golf tournament since.  Because of Debbie’s leadership the annual golf tournament is a huge success, raising over $20,000 each year.  The money raised during the golf tournaments has been used to make improvements to the campus, classrooms, and to provide scholarships for students   

Ms. Sloan was a driving force behind the renovation of Thunderbird’s quad.  What was once a resource not being used by students is now a place for students to eat lunch in the shade, a stage for performing arts to sing, dance, and play instruments, and for student council and other clubs to hold lunch-time activities.  Every visitor who enters campus remarks on how nice the quad looks.

Outside of the CPA, Ms. Sloan was very involved with her son and daughter’s sports teams.  If one of them had a game you were sure to see her in the stands cheering the team on and helping the coach in any way she could. 


Washington High School – Marion Frock

Many of you might remember Marion as a long-time employee of Washington High School.  He was the amazing guy who met you with a smile as you entered campus and who watched over the parking lot each morning.  Last year, however, Marion retired.  You might think that this would mean that he would no longer be present on our campus.  This, however, is not the case.  In fact, if you didn’t know that he retired, you might think that he still works for us!  He knew that with the current constraints placed upon us by a limited budget we would be short-handed. He now is an extra set of eyes and ears every morning on campus.  He monitors the courtyard and walks quietly around the campus.  His gentle presence reminds students that a caring adult is always available, and, although they probably don’t tell him, we know that they appreciate his presence.  Marion and his wife also attend many of our sporting events.  Through thick and thin, they sit together in the stands and cheer on our teams.  Many times our parents can’t be present, but Marion is always there, a friendly face in the crowd.

Outside of Washington High School, Marion takes care of the footbridge which our students use for safe passage across the freeway.  Each day he checks for graffiti and paints over it.  In fact, he has been recognized by the Washington community and councilman Claude Mattox for his exceptional service to our community. 

When Marion can’t be found on campus, then you can pretty much guarantee that he is out in his RV.  He loves to travel, to camp and to visit the grandkids.  I can only imagine how much they must love having him visit.

Marion, Washington and GUHSD thank you for your service to our school and to our community.  Your daily efforts increase the safety and security of both our campus and our neighborhood, and they are much appreciated.