All Nine Schools Welcome Future Freshmen and Their Parents

All Nine Schools Welcome Future Freshmen and Their Parents
January 2012- On January 19, all nine GUHSD schools opened their campuses to eighth grade students and their parents for the district's annual "Future Freshman Night." This event allows these students and parents to meet the teachers, familiarize themselves with the campuses, and hear from administrators about what high school life is like.

Entering a new campus can seem intimidating, but this event helps facilitate the transition from middle school to high school. Teachers, administrators, and staff members are there to answer any questions that the students or parents may have prior to entering ninth grade. Additionally, each of the clubs, activities, sports, and academic courses has representatives in attendance, encouraging the students to participate in activities that interest them.

Many schools also hosted daytime tours for eighth graders from many of the district's feeder schools, showing the students what the campus is like on a daily basis and introducing them to the various activities they can get involved in and classes they can take.

Through these combined efforts, GUHSD aims to ensure that no student has to feel anxiety about transitioning to high school, but rather, feels excitement and anticipation about the next four years of their education.

Moon Valley FFN
A student learns more about the track and field
program at Moon Valley's Future Freshman
CHS Culinary with Palo Verde
Students from Palo Verde learn about the culinary
program at Cortez High School.