Apollo High School's Achievement Above All Event

Apollo High School's Achievement Above All Event
Allison Mattingly and Jennifer Rice
Principal Allison Mattingly speaks to the Governing
Board about Jennifer Rice.
Jennifer Rice
Jennifer Rice is an asset to Apollo High School,
both as a teacher and a club sponsor.

Teacher of the Year- Jennifer Rice

A graduate of Cortez High School, Jennifer Rice has an extensive history with the Glendale Union High School District. After college, she taught Business Law, Multimedia Computer Applications, and Introduction to Business for ten years at Glendale High School before moving over to Apollo High School, where she currently teaches Business Technology and Marketing.

Over the past five years at AHS, she has never once turned down an opportunity that has come along for her programs, no matter how much of her time and energy she will have to give in order to make it successful. This year, Ms. Rice and her marketing students took over the responsibility of the school store, giving up her extra time to create a great store for the entire AHS community. This project gave her students valuable experience, while also filling a need for the entire school.

One of Ms. Rice's students, Athena Dawkins, said that because of her, she is considering majoring in marketing in college. She also stated that Ms. Rice is a dedicated, hard-working, generous, kind teacher who makes school exciting.

Apollo Principal Allison Mattingly says, "Jennifer makes such a difference for our staff and students, and we are very privileged to work with someone who is so genuinely devoted to excellence in everything she does."

Congratulations, Ms. Rice!

AJ Clark and Vicki Johnson
Governing Board Member Vicki Johnson presents
A.J. with his award.
AJ Clark and mother
A.J. poses for a photo with his mother and shows
off his infectious smile.

Student of the Year- A.J. Clark

A.J. has spent the past four years working hard to learn everything he can in all of his classes.  His teachers say that he is never afraid to ask questions, to work hard and challenge himself.  He is the type of student whom a teacher will not forget.

He has impacted his coaches and their programs in the same way.  His varsity football coach, Mr. Zack Threadgill wanted to share that A.J. knows what it means to be a team player and put the team first. His attitude is exceptional, and his approach to life, school and sports is consistently positive. He has the personality that attracts others to him, and his energy is contagious.  A.J. Clark is an excellent example of how Apollo Hawk football players should act on the field, in the weight room, in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.

A.J. is not only a student-athlete, but he is also a newspaper editor and Hawktown counselor.  Ms. Toni Cook, the Hawktown director, says, “He is special.  He exudes leadership qualities in his ability to motivate others and share his excitement about learning something new.”

While A.J. has made a difference in his classes and extra-curricular activities, his largest impact on the campus has been his friendly open attitude that he presents to every student and adult he meets.  Apollo Principal Allison Mattingly says, "A perfect example of this occurred on the first day of school this year.  As A.J. walked across campus that morning he said good morning to me and then walked over to our two new assistant principals.  He introduced himself with a hand shake and welcomed them to our campus."

Principal Mattingly also states that AJ exemplifies all that she hopes Apollo students become before they graduate from high school.

Congratulations, A.J.!

Sandra Rivas and Pam Reicks
Governing Board Member Pam Reicks presents
Sandra with her award.
Sandra Rivas
Sandra Rivas loves being Apollo's counseling
secretary and hopes to become an academic
counselor for GUHSD one day.

Support Staff of the Year- Sandra Rivas

Sandra is graduate of Independence High School and has been a member of the Apollo family for the last eight years.  She has worked at AHS as an ELL instructional aide, an attendance assistant and currently, as the counseling secretary.  In each of those positions she not only performed her task with diligence and pride, but she also made improvements. She is always looking for a way to support the students and faculty in the very best possible way.

Mr. Fitzgerald, the assistant principal of student services, says, “Sandra has made my transition to a new position incredibly smooth.  Her professionalism and organization are beyond reproach.”

Sandra is currently attending Glendale Community College and is working toward becoming an academic counselor for GUHSD.

Congratulations, Sandra!

Chess Club
Governing Board Member Rick Fields presents
the Chess Club with their award. 
Jennifer Rice and Chess Club Members
Sponsor Jennifer Rice and three club members
proudly display their award.

Student Group of the Year- Chess Club

Apollo Chess, sponsored by Jennifer Rice, is both a club and a competitive AIA region team.  This group is 20 members strong and growing. One of the aspects of this group that makes them truly deserving of this award is that they are always welcoming of new members. One's prior knowledge of the game is not important to them because they love the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and passion for chess.

While they have had many successes, such as making it to the state playoffs last year and having two players within a point of making it to state playoffs this year, the team is mostly proud of their continuous development and sportsmanship.

In the future, the Chess Club hopes to increase their team wins, membership, and individual ratings. They train daily after school using chess sets, chess books, online games, and by playing practice games against alumni members.

Congratulations, Apollo Chess Club!

Gordon Penberthy and Patty Kennedy
Governing Board Clerk Patty Kennedy presents
Mr. Penberthy with his award.
Gordon Penberthy and family
Mr. Penberthy loves spending time with his
children and staying involved in their activities.

Volunteer of the Year- Gordon Penberthy

For the past three years, Mr. Penberthy has been a supporter of Apollo through the booster club and as a band parent.  Throughout the years, he has shared his time, energy and positive personality with Apollo's faculty, students and community members.  

Apollo band director Mr. Lugo said, “I look forward to having Gordon with the band next year.  Gordon is a positive influence on the band program and the students and I respect him and thank him for all of his work with the program."

Mr. Penberthy enjoys volunteering because he likes spending time with his children and participating with them in their activities. He says that he is doing his part to help keep the school and community strong by staying involved.

Although he feels that he has not really done anything to deserve this recognition because he just does what needs to be done, Principal Allison Mattingly says it is exactly that thinking that makes him truly deserving of this award.

Congratulations, Mr. Penberthy!