Independence High School's Achievement Above All Event

Independence High School's Achievement Above All Event
Principal Ambrose and Susan Hadley
Principal Rob Ambrose speaks about Susan Hadley.
Susan Hadley
Susan Hadley proudly represents Independence High School.

Teacher of the Year- Susan Hadley

Not only is Susan Hadley a teacher at Independence High School, but she is also a graduate.  For this reason, she truly exemplifies school spirit with her positive attitude and warm smile.

Mrs. Hadley currently teaches Algebra I and Math Ascend and is also the Math Intervention Specialist and the math department chairperson.  In her role as a teacher, she is described as a positive motivator who is always finding ways to help students succeed in their toughest subject. In her spare time, she used that positive energy to coach the cheer squad for five years.

She is also a dedicated leader of the Link Crew on campus, which welcomes incoming freshmen each year, showing that she truly cares for not only her own students, but all students in general. 

For these reasons and many more, Susan Hadley is Independence High School's teacher of the year.  Congratulations, Mrs. Hadley!

Patty Kennedy and Marissa Jimenez
GUHSD Governing Board Member Patty Kennedy
presents Marissa with her award. 
Marissa Jimenez
Marissa Jimenez poses with her award. 

Student of the Year- Marissa Jimenez

When one looks at Marissa Jimenez's transcript, one will notice that every class she is taking includes the words "accelerated," "honors," or "advanced placement."  One will also notice that in each of these classes, she received an "A." 

Although she excels in all subjects, math and science are her favorites. Her class load is incredibly heavy, with such classes as Advanced Placement Biology, English, and Calculus, and Honors Economics.  However, she still finds time to be a member of the swim team. She is the winner of multiple honors and awards, including the Ricky Ortiz Award, Honor Roll, and the Principal's Pass.     

Marissa notes that her most significant life event so far is experiencing high school, and she has truly experiencing it to the fullest.  Congratulations, Marissa!

Vicki Johnson with Link Crew
GUHSD Governing Board Member Vicki Johnson 
presents Link Crew with their award. 
Link Crew
Link Crew members sponsor Susan Hadley pose
with their award.

Student Group of the Year- Link Crew

Independence High School's Link Crew, sponsored by Susan Hadley, is a campus organization which helps incoming freshmen adapt to life on a high school campus.  Experienced upper-classmen spend time throughout the year hosting activities to help these students transition into high school more smoothly.

Link Crew at Independence currently has 77 members who work together to make new students feel more welcome on campus.  IHS Principal Rob Ambrose says that these men and women make a positive difference on campus.

Congratulations, Link Crew, and thank you for all that you do!

Board Member Rick Fields and Julie Holt
GUHSD Governing Board Member Rick Fields 
presents Julie Holt with her award. 
Julie Holt and family
Julie Holt poses for a family photo. 

Support Staff of the Year- Julie Holt

As Independence's bookstore manager, Julie Holt is customer service oriented and always knows the best way to get things done.  Colleagues note her positive attitude and willingness to help.

Assistant Principal of Operations and Resources Mike Siwek says, "Julie has transformed the bookstore into a model of efficient customer centered operation. In addition, on numerous occasions Julie has assisted in other offices to assure the smooth flow of operations during times of highest activity."

In her spare time, Julie volunteers with St. Vincent de Paul and spends time with her grandchildren. Congratulations, Julie Holt!

Governing Board President Ian Hugh with Rodger Stevens
Governing Board President Ian Hugh presents Rodger
Stevens with his award. 
Rodger Stevens
Rodger Stevens poses proudly with his award. 

Volunteer of the Year- Rodger Stevens

Rodger Stevens has given much of his time to the End Zone booster club at Independence. He is present at every football game and continuously works to help produce the best program possible for the school's student athletes.

Varsity football coach Dr. Gary Buer says, "He has a never-ending enthusiasm for Independence High School in general and specifically for Patriot Football."

Whether he is selling concessions at games or securing grants for student athletes, Rodger Stevens is an incredible asset to IHS football.  Congratulations, Rodger Stevens!