Patron Tours Give Glimpse of Life in High School

Patron Tours Give Glimpse of Life in High School
October 2011 - Collaborating with community members is a fundamental value of the district. Community stakeholders—like parents, small business owners, local politicians, and neighborhood association representatives—are experiencing first-hand what goes on in a typical day at a GUHSD school through Patron Tours. Usually spanning one morning, community members have the opportunity to learn valuable information about the school and district from the school’s principal and administration, district superintendent, and governing board. Following the presentations, the patrons are taken on a student-led tour of campus, visiting classrooms where they witness new technologies being implemented in the classroom, class discussions, and student presentations.

This invaluable perspective provides patrons with a greater connection to their neighborhood school and fosters school-community partnerships.

principal and patrons    teacher using smartboard
Michael Dellisanti, Greenway principal, speaks to        A teacher uses a Smartboard, an interactive whiteboard,
patrons.                                                                   in his lesson.

girl in chemistry class    choir
Patrons observe a chemistry lab in action.                 The Washington High School choir treats patrons to a performance.