Students Showcase Writing Skills at Celebration of Poetry Event

Students Showcase Writing Skills at Celebration of Poetry Event
May 2012- Students, parents, and teachers recently gathered at Independence High School for GUHSD’s annual Celebration of Poetry, an event which showcases the best poets in the district.

Prior to the event, students from around the district submitted poems to be judged against their peers. The students with the best poems were invited to read them aloud at the Celebration of Poetry event. This year’s winners are as follows:

English Language
  • 9th Grade
              1st Place- Forgive Me, Mother by Liset Gonzalez Torres (Washington)
              2nd Place- The Faithful Moon by Taylor Charlie (Sunnyslope)
              3rd Place- Words by Aislinn Noll (Sunnyslope)
              Honorable Mention- Blue Sky, Grey Sky by Ashley Melton (Apollo)

  • 10th Grade
              1st Place- Forgotten Fairytale by Kaci Demarest (Sunnyslope)
              2nd Place- Redemption by Jocelyn Ontiveros (Cortez)
              3rd Place- Misfits by Bailey Gaffney (Moon Valley)
              Honorable Mention- A World Where Everything is the Same by: Alaina Ruby (Thunderbird)

  • 11th Grade
              1st Place- Epiphany by Savannah Blitch (Sunnyslope)
              2nd Place- Irrigation of the Mankind Mind by Reece Cambron (Thunderbird)
              3rd Place- My Favorite Sounds by Payton Stafford (Thunderbird)
              Honorable Mention- To Take a Stroll by Rachael Kroeger (Sunnyslope)

  • 12th Grade
              1st Place- I Part the Water with My Hands by Kelly Kottmer (Sunnyslope)
              2nd Place- Crossing the Parking to the Well-lit Library by Kelly Kottmer (Sunnyslope)
              3rd Place- Something Old by Storey Gillingham (Sunnyslope)
              Honorable Mention- A Requiem for Ambition by Tyler Grimmett (Moon Valley)

Foreign Language

  • 9th Grade
              1st Place- My Road by Tonita Escamilla (Independence)
              2nd Place- Thanks to Life by Tien Thai (Greenway)

  • 10th Grade
              1st Place- My Life by Zaid Allahwerdy (Glendale)
              2nd Place- Home by Met Ya Sin (Cortez)

  • 11th Grade
              1st Place- Where I’m From by Vahida Karac (Cortez)
              2nd Place- A Distant Love by Edmund Carruthers (Cortez)

  • 12th Grade
              1st Place- To The Man in the Black Suit by Sergio Flores (Sunnyslope)
              2nd Place- Father by Angela Beltran- (Glendale)

Congratulations to all of the above students on being recognized for their poetry.