Washington High School Dedicates Football Field to the Pagel Family

Washington High School Dedicates Football Field to the Pagel Family
October 2011- Washington High School recently dedicated its football field to the Pagels, a very influential family in the school's history.

Tom Pagel began his career at WHS when he took a position teaching science in 1961, and he remained in that position until 1987. During these twenty-six years, Mr. Pagel also coached baseball and football and had a positive impact on numerous student athletes.

Tom and his wife Rose had five boys, Karl, Bruce, Mike, Rick, and Ross, all of whom graduated from Washington High.  After high school, all five boys went on to accomplish great things. Rick and Bruce became career officers in the US Marine Corps. Mike played in the NFL, and Karl played baseball in the major leagues. Ross followed in his father's footsteps and became a teacher and coach in the valley.

Without the Pagel family, Washington High School would not have the legacy it does today.  For this reason, the school has proudly renamed its field, "Pagel Field."
Tom Pagel and Brian Fitzgerald
Apollo Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Brian Fitzgerald poses with Tom Pagel. 
Pagel Field
Ram Stadium's field becomes Pagel Field. 
Dr. Jennifer Johnson speaks about the Pagels
Dr. Jennifer Johnson speaks about the Pagel Family. 
Pagel Dedication
Brian Fitzgerald presents a plaque to Tom and Ross
Pagel, two members of the family he has always looked up to.