District Seeking Community Input

GUHSD Looks to Community for Input

For the past twenty years, the Glendale Union High School District community has come together to support the district. Part of this support came from the passage of the district’s last Maintenance & Operations Override (M & O), which is up for renewal. 

During the December 4, 2013 meeting, GUHSD Governing Board members unanimously voted to form a Citizens Committee to study the district’s need for override funds.

The charge of the Governing Board was to have the committee review the district’s budget and 1) recommend to the Governing Board whether to call for the renewal of the current M & O Override and if an M & O Override renewal election is not called for or if the election fails, the committee needs to recommend budget reductions to district programs over the next three years to eliminate the need for override funds; 2) recommend to the Governing Board whether to call for a Capital Outlay Override and review the need for capital funding and recommend district priorities; and 3) to seek alternative sources of revenue in lieu of override funds.

In February, stakeholders with a vested interest in the district gathered to learn more about the budget and the financial strains facing the district. After reviewing information and participating in an open dialogue, the importance of this funding became more evident to the committee. Based upon committee discussion and the fact that a continuation of the current M & O Override would not raise taxes, the committee’s preliminary suggestion is for the Governing Board to consider calling for a special election.

With regard to the Capital Outlay Override discussion, the committee felt the district has actual needs that should be addressed. However, to run a Capital Outlay Override election with a renewal of the M & O Override could prove to be a very difficult challenge. The committee felt strongly that the educational programs affected by the renewal of the M & O funding are most important and should be the top priority of the district. Perhaps a Capital Outlay Override would be better received by the community at a later date.

Finally, after much discussion and creative thinking, the committee could not identify adequate alternative and sustainable sources of revenue that could replace the funding necessary to offset the need for the elections. The committee agreed the district has been effective at researching opportunities to generate additional funding and has been effective generating millions of additional dollars currently used to benefit students in athletics, music, drama, and various other clubs and organizations.

The committee’s work is not done. The district is requesting more input from the community. Meetings to learn more about the district’s budget and to provide your input to the committee are as follows:

March 10, 6:30 p.m. @ Apollo High School, 8045 N 47 Ave, Glendale (Auditorium)
March 11, 6:30 p.m. @ Moon Valley High School, 3625 W Cactus Rd. Phoenix  (Auditorium)
March 12, 6:30 p.m. @ Sunnyslope High School, 35 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix (Auditorium)

For more information about the district’s budget, call 623-435-6000