Moon Valley High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners

Moon Valley High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners
GUHSD Honors AAA recipientsNovember 2013- The GUHSD Governing Board and Moon Valley High School principal, Craig Mussi, recently recognized Moon Valley High School's Achievement Above All recipients. Each school's event highlights the accomplishments and commitments of one teacher, student, support staff member, student group, and volunteer.

Ashley Burns was selected to be the recipient of Moon Valley's Achievement Above All teacher award. Ashley is the Math Department Chair at Moon Valley and has taught multiple math classes including Algebra I, Honors Algebra II, and Geometry. In addition to her math courses Ashley leads the Student Council program and is involved with a variety of extra-curricular activities including Link Crew, Swim team and Dive team. Ashley's dedication earned her the 2011 Arizona Cardinals MVP in the Classroom Award. Fellow teacher Jenna Serafini said "Ashley is one of the most dedicated teachers in this profession I have ever come across. She is a dynamic role model to her students and truly holds them to high expectations."

Ashley   Ashley

Logan Mellaci was chosen to be the student Achievement Above All award winner for Moon Valley. Logan is among the top of his class and as a senior carries a full academic load including five AP classes. Logan is also the President of the National Honor Society at Moon Valley. Logan has been a member of Moon Valley's Navy JROTC and currently serves as the Company Commander. Pat MacLean, the Senior Instructor for Moon Valley's NJROTC, said "Logan is a stabilizer. Largely on his shoulders, the Moon Valley NJROTC program has built a nationally ranked academic team. Three words I would use to describe Logan are friend, scholar, and leader.

Logan   Logan

Ernesto Romero earned the award of support staff Achievement Above All for Moon Valley. Ernesto goes above and beyond at his job as an outer groundskeeper for Moon Valley. He is dedicated to keeping the football fields and other athletic fields in pristine condition and takes great pride in the work he does. When he is not at work Ernesto enjoys spending time outdoors on his quad or four wheeling in his truck. Maintenance Foreman Rick Wieferich said "ERnesto is one of those employees you wish you could clone. His work ethic is outstanding. He comes to work everyday and I don't recall one time he has come into work without a positive attitude and a 'good morning.'"

Ernesto   Ernesto

Culinary Arts was selected to be the student group Achievement Above All recipient for Moon Valley. The Culinary group runs two on-campus businesses, the Culinary Cafe and the Coffee Shop. Outside of the campus the Culinary group  caters events including parent evening events, district events, and recently the Laura Mason Scholarship dinner. In addition to cooking the culinary students learn menu development, purchasing, receiving, conduction inventories, ordering, and hands on training. Department Chair for the Family and Consumer Science Department Brandi Jans said "Culinary Arts is a phenomenal program run by industry teachers. Our students are well trained at each level which helps them prepare for their future in the culinary world."

Culinary   Culinary

Ray Lerma was chosen to receive the award for Achievement Above All volunteer at Moon Valley. Ray is involved with many areas at Moon Valley but primarily serves in the donation of awards to every club and sport on campus. Ray comes by once or twice a week to drop off  plaque and award samples to groups on campus. He also enjoys going to sporting events such as football, volleyball, wrestling, swimming, basketball, and track. Ray says he enjoys these so much because sports helped him when he was in school. Ray also enjoys going to the theater productions. Eddie Lopez said "Mr. Lerma wants to ensure that everyone who participates in the program receives recognition. This includes everyone from athletes to managers. He wants all the students who made that commitment to the team, to receive the same acknowledgement. He takes great pride in giving back to the school and watching them succeed."

Ray   Ray