Sunnyslope High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners

Sunnyslope's Achievement Above All Winners Honored by Governing Board
groupDecember 2013- The GUHSD Governing Board and Sunnyslope High School principal, Steve Ducey, recently recognized Sunnyslope High School's Achievement Above All recipients. Each school's event highlights the accomplishments and commitments of one teacher, student, support staff member, student group, and volunteer.

Jason Coury was chosen to be the recipient of the teacher Achievement Above All award. Jason came to the Sunnyslope mathematics department in 2002 and has been instrumental to the school ever since. He has taught at all levels of the curriculum and currently teaches AP Calculus, Accelerated Pre-Calculus, and serves as the Math Intervention Specialist. Jason also coaches cross-country and track. Jason truly cares for his students and their success and spends countless hours helping them. Jason spends so much time helping his students and working with his colleagues that he is often seen running to his next class or the track field to coach.

jason     jason

Michael Humphrey was selected to receive the student Achievement Above All award. Michael is in the top 5% of his class and has received honor roll recognition each semester over his Sunnyslope career. Michael's favorite topics in school are AP Spanish and AP Calculus. Michael led his team on a 10-0 championship season and had helped get the basketball team off to a great start. Michael has been entertained by some of the top colleges in the nations including Notre Dame, UCLA, VanDerbuilt, UofA and Stanford. After careful consideration Michael has accepted an offer to earn a degree from and play basketball for Stanford University.

mike     mike

The Sunnyslope High School Football program was selected to be the recipient of the student group Achievement Above All award. The football program is made up of 110 student members strong who, through their determination and commitment, experienced going from a season with a single win to an undefeated section championship and a playoff appearance. Off of the field the team participates in fundraising activities such as "Adopt a Family" where they completely funded a family of 8 within the Sunnyslope community. They also continue to develop a peer tutoring program for incoming freshmen on the football team.

foot     foot

Annie Hestand was the recipient of the support staff Achievement Above All award. Annie was hired as the counseling secretary in 2004 for Sunnyslope High School and became the Administrative Assistant to the Principal  at Sunnyslope in 2008. Annie is very caring and always there to offer her support and solve whatever problems come her way.  Annie is always there if someone needs a shoulder to lean on or someone they can confide in. She is gracious, caring, patient, a confidante, a practical joker, and above all a professional and the heart of Sunnyslope High School.

ann     ann

Scott Holcomb was chosen to receive the volunteer Achievement Above All Award. Scott began volunteering 10 years ago and when he started the band at Sunnyslope was one of the smallest in the district. With his help the band has become one of the three biggest in the district. Scott has used his resourcefulness and ingenuity to acquire and customize a trailer designed to improve the band experience. He has built custom stages, props, and sets for musical and theater productions. Scott is always asking what he can help when the musical production comes around and continues to help improve the band and music departments at Sunnyslope High School.

scott     scott