GUHSD Governing Board Recognizes Apollo Achievement Above All Winners

GUHSD Governing Board Recognizes Apollo Achievement Above All Winners

February 2015 -

The teacher recipient of Apollo's Achievement Above All award was Rebecca Vega. Rebecca has been working at Apollo for 11 years. Currently, Rebecca both teaches Special Education and serves as Apollo's Special Education Department Chair. She has taught a variety of Special Education classes, including Science, Resource, Literacy Strategies, Math Strategies; she has also co-taught in the math classroom. Along with teaching, Rebecca plays an instrumental role in helping to build the complicated Special Education Department schedule, depending on the number of students and their needs.

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Aisha Raji was selected to be the Achievement Above All student recipient for Apollo High School. Aisha was honored by the National Achievement Scholarship Program for being in the top 3 percent out of 160,000 Black American students. Aisha is the true definition of scholar. She is intrigued with learning and brings an insatiable desire for knowledge to her academic pursuits. Aisha excels beyond academics, particularly in Key Club where she selflessly volunteers hours of her time. Aisha’s most memorable moment was serving food at the Ronald McDonald House for families with children hospitalized at Phoenix Children’s.

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The student group selected to be the Achievement Above All recipient was DECA. Distributive Education Clubs of America, also known as DECA, is an international association of high school and college students and teachers of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. This organization prepares leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in these fields.This year, DECA students received a total of 62 medals. On January 14, 2015, Apollo’s DECA team placed first in individual first-place medals and they placed second in total medal counts. The Apollo community is proud of their success.

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Aura Hopper was chosen to receive the Support Staff Achievement Above All award for Apollo. Aura is an Apollo graduate, and she has worked at Apollo for 7 years. She started her career in the Attendance Office, and is currently serving as the OR Secretary, a position she has held for the past four years. Aura has become the foundation of Apollo's competitive athletic programs. She keeps the coaches apprised, students informed, and workers on task during each season and event. She is prepared, communicates well, and simply gets the job done – all while smiling and remaining calm, of course. The Apollo community truly appreciates Aura for that.

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The Apollo volunteer Achievement Above All winner was Danny Salgado. Danny has lived in the Apollo community for 33 years and has volunteered at Apollo for the past four years. Danny assists with girls’ basketball and softball. He has a true passion for coaching youth and has spent more than 20 years coaching Pop Warner, Little League, and T-ball in the Apollo community. Danny generously donates his time and resources. Danny is grateful for the opportunity to coach Apollo’s youth and for the amazing people he works with.