Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

February 2015 -

Read Superintendent Dudo's full letter here.

"With public education constantly under siege, the time has come to stop the political bickering about standards and move forward with funding and high expectations for all students. We need to enable students for life after high school, well-prepared for any path they choose and we need your support to make sure we have the necessary resources to do this. As legislators vote on important issues that affect your schools, I ask that parents and community members stay informed. Contact the governor’s office and local legislators directly. Write letters and emails to them that express your concerns. Make phone calls. Make your voice known. Education is too important to the future of Arizona and to the future of our children."

Eugene Dudo, Superintendent
Glendale Union High School District

March 2015

"In one voice, we are asking the governor and the State legislature not to further compromise the education and the future of the children of Arizona."

Read a joint letter from the Superintendent, Governing Board members and GUEA President here.