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Moon Valley Achievement Above All Recipients Receive Awards for School, Community Accomplishments
Posted on 02/06/2020
Moon Valley Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient Dawn Harman poses with her awardFebruary 2020 – It was an evening to celebrate as Moon Valley High School Achievement Above All Recipients took the spotlight at the regular board meeting on Feb. 5. The Governing Board recognized Moon Valley’s top teacher, student, student group, support staff employee and volunteer for their contributions to their school. Moon Valley High School Principal Anat Salyer also attended the event to honor the recipients for their ongoing commitment. 

“Moon Valley High School has an incredible community of students, staff and parents,” Salyer said. “Tonight it is my pleasure to share with you some of the outstanding people that are part of the Moon Valley family.”

Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient: Dawn Harman
Mrs. Harman received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education at the University of Wisconsin and Master’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University before she began her teaching career at Thunderbird High School in 1989, where she taught chemistry and science. She also spent seven years teaching at Apollo High School in the science department before joining the Moon Valley High School family in 2009. 

She currently works as the Media Center Director and serves as the go-to person on campus for students and staff.

Moon Valley Teachers Denise Silcox and Lora Zimmer said, “Dawn is passionate about sharing her love of literacy with students and faculty. We are so fortunate to work with such a special professional.”

Moon Valley Teacher Stephen Dzienis also added, “Dawn is the glue that holds many teachers together here on campus. She is one of those people who will drop almost anything that she has to do in order to help a fellow teacher in need.”

Outside of the media center, you can also find Mrs. Harman coaching academic decathlon, sponsoring the student book club, and helping with the science and coding club. 

Governing Board Member Patty Kennedy and Dawn Harman Dawn Harman

Achievement Above All Student Recipient: Anissa Martinez

With a 3.9 unweighted GPA, Anissa Martinez ranks at the top of her class. Throughout her high school career, she has balanced a rigorous course schedule with several extracurricular activities and clubs. During her senior year alone, she takes AP Literature, AP Statistics, AP Physics and AP Government. 

She has been involved with National Honor Society and volleyball, as well as student council where she currently serves as student body president. 

Anissa credits Moon Valley High School and her teachers for helping her discover her path.

“A significant life event was coming to high school,” Martinez said. “That was the turning point of my life to help me create a new and improved path for myself.”

Moon Valley High School AP Government Teacher Brian Raper also spoke on Anissa’s spirit and compassion for her classmates.

“Anissa Martinez is the kind of student that every teacher loves to have in class,” Raper said. “She brings energy, sincere and unique thought, and drive to the classroom environment while making others feel welcome and a part of the greater school community.”

After graduation, Anissa plans to attend university to study global management and international studies.

Governing Board Clerk Patti Hussey and Anissa Martinez Anissa Martinez

Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient: C.O.O.P
The purpose of Moon Valley High School’s Child Oriented Occupational Program (C.O.O.P) and Early Childhood Program is to provide high school students hands-on experience and training with young children. 

With the help of Moon Valley Teacher and Sponsor Brandi Jans, some tasks that Moon Valley C.O.O.P students handle include writing lesson plans according to state standards, creating readiness packets for preschoolers heading off to kindergarten and learning about nutrition to create weekly menus for the young ones.

The four-star-rated program also provides students with many opportunities to help them succeed. Not only do they learn leadership skills, but they can also earn dual enrollment credits, receive scholarships and obtain their Child Development Associates (CDA), which will allow them to lead their own preschool classroom after graduation. 

Many staff members have their own children enrolled in C.O.O.P and provide great feedback about the program.

Moon Valley Teacher Josh Teel said, “I have two kids who have gone through C.O.O.P. My daughter is in kindergarten and does very well since she knew many of the words, shapes, numbers, letters and other things going in and that made her transition much better than some of her peers.”

Moving forward, Moon Valley C.O.O.P’s goal is to continue to be a leadership program on campus that affects their school in a positive way. 

Governing Board Member Susan Maland and Moon Valley C.O.O.P Moon Valley C.O.O.P

Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient: Melissa Bowden

Melissa’s journey within the district begins as a student and graduate of Cortez High School. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Arizona State University’s Mayo Clinic Hospital Nursing Program. She was one of 20 individuals selected in the nation to graduate with the first class of the ASU and Mayo Clinic Partnership Program. 

Melissa worked as a Hospice Nurse and specified in pediatrics and adults before making her transition to Moon Valley High School, where she currently serves as the school nurse. 

During her time at Moon Valley, Melissa played a significant role in establishing the Community-Based Multiple Disabilities Program on campus.
Moon Valley Teacher Beth Enk said, “The Community-Based MD program has a solid foundation due to Melissa Bowden. She has put in many extra hours to help build the program and trainings for us. The program would not be as good as it is without Melissa's time, knowledge, efforts, and skill.”

Another goal Melissa plans to tackle is her transition into the Nurse Facilitator Role, as she is currently training for it and hopes to begin the 2020-2021 school year. 

In her free time, Melissa is an avid volunteer in her community. She volunteers at camps for children with special needs, and gives back at events to support veterans. 

Governing Board President Pam Reicks and Melissa Bowden Melissa Bowden

Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient: Charly Brems

As a former student and graduate, Charly has strong ties to Moon Valley High School, particularly in the fine arts department. During his time at Moon Valley, Charly was a theater student and found his passion for technical theater. 

He supports the Moon Valley Theater Club in several ways including working with students to enhance their technical skills, donating equipment to help with facility improvements, and participating in their career fair. 

Charly credits Moon Valley High School for shaping him into who he is today and for helping him discover his career path. 

“I am an alumnus of Moon Valley Performing Arts,” Brems said. “Theater became my passion immediately. My teachers empowered me to be the best and always look to achieve more. Teachers are an important part of society and deserve the full support for the community. I am just trying to do my part and pay it forward. “ 

Charly’s former Moon Valley Theater Teacher Julie Rasor also acknowledged him for all he does for the theater program.

“He’s been a guest speaker for my students talking about professional technical theater,” Rasor said. “He has donated tons of equipment, time and advice to our theatre, which helps everyone who uses the auditorium. My students love and respect Charly.”

Outside of volunteering, Charly has established a fine career in technical theater and has worked for large-scale events. Some of his clients include Google, NFL Super Bowl, Pepsi Cola, Country Thunder, ASU Gammage, CBS Sports and much more. 

Governing Board Member Patty Kennedy and Charly Brems Charly Brems

Congratulations to Moon Valley High School’s 2019-2020 Achievement Above All recipients!

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