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Conservation Club Celebrates

On Saturday, October 8th, former Glendale High School students and members of Glendale High School’s Conservation Society joined with conservation organizations, including Sierra Club, Wild at Heart, and many others at the 2022 Urban Wildlife Conservation Day. Visitors were treated and welcomed to take part in activities, such as the 2nd annual “Walk for the Wild,” Audubon Plant Sales, and a Story-walk for Kids. Visitors were also given an opportunity to observe the Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallegos, sign an Urban Bird Treaty. 

Glendale Conservation Society is in its fifth year of existence and is now a valued ally for Arizona conservation organizations. Students who have joined GCS in the past are now attending college or working in the fields of environmental engineering, sustainability, environmental sciences, and/or are active members of the Sierra Club. 

GCS members of the 2021-22 school year, Rogelio Lopez and Genesis Ojeda, arrived early to the event at 7:00 AM in order to participate in the Rio Salado trash pick up. They then proceeded to help serve at the Sierra Club/Wild at Heart booth. Genesis and Rogelio got the opportunity to observe several desert snakes, insects, and many species of hawks and owls, lasso a model javelina, listen to Native American music, and learn about local wildlife, water resources and many other aspects of conservation. The GCS/Arizona State students were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and take photos with Mayor Kate Gallegos. It was a fun, festive day, and GCS will continue its contribution to preserving and protecting our great state of Arizona!